Are the oh10s a good start to the iem world?


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i was planning on pairing these with a fiio btr5


If you like bass and soundstage yes, moondrop starfields are good for a more neutral soundstage.

They can be. If you like a pronounced V sound signature and can handle their physical weight, yes. Although, I recommend a cable upgrade. The stock cable tangles like nobody’s business.

I love a wide sound stage and a fun sound or a well rounded sound but do you have any cable upgrade recommendations @WaveTheory and also did you guys know what dekoni tips fit the oh10s?

Use the balanced out on the BTR5.


ok now givin how heavy they are does this cable help with that kind like the stock one or how does that work

I don’t notice the extra weight from the cable. The cable wraps around the top of the ear, so the weight doesn’t just hang off the IEMs themselves.

Ok cool then thats what ill do then thanks for your help man @WaveTheory

They are more of a good start. They are a very good start.


Thats what i like to hear

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That bad boy is still missing from my collection :+1:


Oh10s are excellent. Actually have them in as we speak. All I can say is, if at first you don’t get a good fit, take the time to explore different tips. It took me a while to get the perfect fit. The weight of the oh10 is a lot, but once you get that perfect fit, you don’t notice it at all.

I’m using JVC spiral dots if you were curious.


That goes for all iem’s imho…I have fav fit tip’s per iem and ‘tweak’ sound tips for…well for fun lol…Love my iem’s :metal:


Do you guys know what size dekoni tips are gonna fit them?

You need to get you a set sometime, still the best sub bass of any iem or headphone ive tried so far. I prefer wide bore spirals on them, but you can try e tips too, I just dont think the sizing of stock were that good for me.

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What tips do yall recomend that arent rubber because im not a big fan of the rubber tips

Dekoni Mercury Foam Tips.

I was with you not being able to wear rubber tips until I came across Spin Fit tips. The Spinfit silicone is very thin which makes them very comfortable and conforms to your ear shape. In addition, Spinfits bend at the tip allowing better seal and better comfort. The silicon tips create a better seal than foam tips. Foam tips will change the sound from what’s intended, usually reduces treble, bass and detail VS silicone.

You should try as many different tips as you can to learn what works for you. For me, I have to use small foam tips. For silicone, I use medium to large. I have IEMs that I have to use different size tips on due to the stem size and how deep the IEMs stem is. The deepr the IEM goes into your ear, you’ll be able to get away with a smaller tip.

You should not overlook silicone tips. If you can find the right ones, you’re going to have more detailed music hitting your brain and you’ll be getting the full potential of your IEM.

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Thank for the advice i might just buy a pair of both just so i can have a couple tips to try out the ones you linked will fit the oh10s correct?@PapaEmeritus

Yep. If you’re getting into IEMs, probably the most important step to starting is doing the work to find the tips that fit you the best and will give you a good seal. You have to get a good seal or the IEM is worthless. Good luck!

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