Argón power requirements

Can a monolith liquid spark power these properly??

Yes, the Argons would sound great, though the Argons really do appreciate more power, as many others would tell you.

If you can stretch your budget, the Schiit Asgard 3 is probably the best low budget amp for Argon. Tons of power, which is what you need for Argon to work properly. It’s also quite clean. It would have no problem powering them. I wouldn’t recommend the Liquid Spark.
Also what DAC will you be using?

Topping d10

I think that’s an okay DAC, but definitely the Asgard 3 would be the way to go for the amp.
It usually sells new for 200USD.
@M0N recommends the Asgard 3 all the time as a good amplifier for Argons. Also really good for other things too!

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Looks like that’ll be an upgrade path before I get the argons. Thank you for the information.

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No problem! It’s a good all rounder amp too for many other things as well. You could use it for almost any other headphones too.

Heard that argons were one of the most difficult headphones to drive so if I could find an amp to drive it then I wouldn’t have to worry about my amp being too weak in case I try different headphones

Argons run off the liquid spark fine people like to exaggerate how much power an argon needs. And the fact is they appreciate with more power as they scale better but should be fine with almost any of the $100 amps.


So in my opinion right now you can get the argons and really enjoy yourself right now. But as you upgrade amps they are a nice headphone to have around

Ok got it. Thanks for the info.

Yup, my thoughts exactly. I mean they still get to around like 80% of the way with a portable Q5s for me.

The Asgard 3 would still be the next amp for you to get imo if you have Argons. Or a lot of things.

I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. How about the thx 789??

The 789 imo is not all that great for Argons. The Asgard 3 has a much more pleasing sound, and tons more power. With Argons, power is more important than exact linear cleanliness.
Plus the Asgard 3 is just a better deal for the power to price.
Again, I’m just going off what some people said since I have never tried the 789.

they are good but many will tell you here that you can get better value and better sounding gear for cheaper. you are also going a more clinical route tan an asgard when it comes to sound

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Pretty good with the argon’s tbh


Yeah 789 much more linear. It may actually be good if that’s what you want for you Argon’s sound. If you prefer detail then it’s probably a pretty good choice.
I tend to say things without thinking enough sorry

I like a warm sound signature with neutral to recessed highs and I’m a bit of a basshead so what amp would u guys recommend

Most likely the asgard 3 than imo