ATH-M40X, DT770 Pro, SR80E which one for r6s

I only need headphones for footsteps in rainbow six siege.
My budget is around $180ish

I’m fine with both open back and closed back.
Also is ATH-M50x any better?
And any alternative for Philips SHP9500 as it is not available in my country.

Is a beyerdynamic tygr 300 r available to you?

The 770 pro is solid, I assume you are referring to the 80 ohm?

The sr80e isn’t the best for gaming imo as it’s not super accurate for staging and isn’t great with spatial queues

The m40x would get the job done, but I don’t think it’s as impressive in staging as the beyerdynamics

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Is there any difference between normal DT770 and DT770 ohm?
The options I have are DT770, DT770 Pro and DT770 Pro 250ohm
Also tygr are not available here :frowning:

That’s a fairly low budget in this category. Let’s get this out of the way… skip the m50x as they are terrible. If you have access to massdrop I will immediately point you to the 58x Jubilee in that price range as its a solid all rounder. You mentioned the shp9500 in that case look into Fidelio x2 hr from phillips as it’s the step up from there and still in your price range also good for gaming. Closed backs are debateable in competitive and completely preference based as open back is always better. In your price bracket though setting up the 770s properly won’t yield very good results as you would normally want an amp and dac. You never stated whether this was pc or console. If this is console we can erase the dt 770 as they will definitely need an amp and dac setup outside of the 32 ohms especially in the case of the ps4 unless you are on pc with a beefy motherboard that can run the higher ohms., however 32 ohms doesn’t sound as good and you would be better off going towards other alternatives. You also havent factored in a external microphone for your setup in this post? is that a requirement?

To explain the dt 770… what you would be looking at is the pro version… ohm refers to how demanding in power consumption they are… for someone without an amp/dac you will want a low ohm or impedance value and a higher db so the sound can be driven properly otherwise your hardware just won’t run it or it will sound incredibly quiet. Also, a higher ohm will make the headphone sound better.

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I am on PC and I don’t have an amp. Although i might buy a budget friendly one in future.
Unfortunately Massdrop is not delivering to India thanks to the global tragedy.

And yeah i am going to buy modmic or vmoda mic.

The general recommendations I would have as far as being good for competitive would be as follows.

Audio Technica Ad700x: Normally I don’t recommend this too much because of the lacking base but it’s a cheap decent enough gamer headphone that I can recommend

AKG k702/k712: these two are incredibly similar to each other and of the list these will have the biggest soundstage however they also lack in bass by a hefty margin. While these will work in gaming a lacking bass means gunshots, deep floor sounds like walking across wood, and explosions will sound shallow and light making it hard to properly place their location.

Sennheiser 58x Jubilee, HD 598, HD 599: These are good all arounders with a balanced sound and good enough for general purpose gaming even in competitive. Usually these will have a higher price range but you can find them all over the place in a lower price bracket or used mint condition for half price

Beyerdynamic DT 770/880/990: these don’t sound good in their 32 ohms but can be used nonetheless if your okay with sacrificing some quality in your sound and aren’t too much of an audiophile. DT 770 have a U shape frequency and the best bass response meanwhile 880 has a Neutral V signature and 990 is a Sharp V signature. V signatures are ideal in the competitive market as they have increased low and high frequencies. In shooters your low and high frequencies are what you hear almost 95% of the time. Due to these being amplified it means your fps sounds will be more prominent to your ears. DT 990 will normally be the best here due to the strongest V however due to its very sharp treble in it’s V signature it can be seen as very uncomfortable or painful to the hearing. DT 880 is your all rounder while still being good at competitive. DT 770 is your closed back alternative it has a smaller soundstage which will make some sounds a little harder to place in game compared to the other two versions however, if isolation is your preference these are fine. a U shape signature is like the V signature but not as sharp and has a little more body to it’s overall sound. The difference in ohms varies pretty greatly here. Depending on your motherboard will depend on whether you can truly utilize these. I would recommend finding what your motherboard is… if you post that here we can tell you which ohm version it should be able to handle. The higher ohm the better sound.

Phillips X2 HR Fidelio: This is one of my favorites honestly as it just has my favorite Warm signature to it. Wide soundstage warm sounding and very balanced with a very deep bass. It definitely isn’t as good as the beyers for competitive but for an all rounder it’s definitely one of the headphones I had chosen to keep in my collection and is right up there with the 58x in terms of gaming. This is compatible with teh V moda but there is an issue with artifacting sound, in other words a strange distortioning effect in your voice, while trying to use the mic. May be better off using a modmic regardless in this case.


I will list some of the better gaming headsets in your budget too as some actually do have some very good studio style sound to them.

Sennheiser Game One, GSP 500, GSP 670, PC37x Massdrop edition.: These are all fantastic in game while not as good as the beyers or the other sennheisers listed you’d be hard pressed to find a better one especially in there price range. They sport a very high quality mic and studio grade sound.

Astro A40s: the only other open back headset I will recommend. If you can find this cheap with its mixamp this is also a very solid buy.

Hyperx Cloud Alpha: Ultra soft Ultra comfortable general purpose gaming headset for those who want to save money but still be fairly decent in game.

Final Note: I cannot stress enough to look into alternative markets when it comes to headsets and headphones alike… Where I am at I can actually find dt 770s for like $60. There are definitely deals all over the place you just have to find them and find what fits right for you and your preference… All of the headphones I have listed outside of the akg k702 I will say are also very comfortable headphones and most are open back due to the nature of the 360 degree sound style you get from wearing an open back headphone inside of a competitive fps

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As a big siege player definitely go with the 770 250 ohm out of the 3 your looking at.

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My mobo is gigabyte z97x gaming 3.

I might be posted in us or uk soon so maybe I can buy one from local store over there.

the problem with 250ohms is that i need a dac/amp. Do you use them?

Hmm, that particular mother board has a Realtek ALC1150 which isn’t very good for high ohm headphones. However, it states it has a “rear audio amplifier” one of which is capable supposedly of running 250 ohms and higher… I wouldn’t try the 600 ohm but you should be able to run 250 ohms considering the claims from Gigabyte

nofactor then. Here on all websites 250ohm is the highest available.
So should I go for it?

250 ohms is fine and will work for what you want it to. Just make sure to use the rear audio jacks and not the front, if your pc has those.

Edit: actually the 600 ohm version is located on a different version for the DT series… usually regarded as Premium or Edition instead of “pro” as a label. However, iirc the 600 ohm of dt 770 was discontinued or something so 250 ohms is fine.

Also I am getting DT770 pro 250ohm and DT990 pro for exact same price of $171

I usually recommend people to not go with 990s due to its overbearing treble unless they can get a 600 ohm with a liquid spark amp. Would promptly point you to the 770s in this case.

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ok thank you.
I will buy new one in about a week or two. depending upon my deployment.
Then I’ll buy Philips X2HR Fidelio or 58x Jubilee.
If not, I will buy 770pros.

All three work just fine but they do sound different. If you can test those I would definitely encourage that.

Also I forgot to ask.
I have this usb sound card/adapter idk what to call it.
I got it with hyperx cloud 2. can I use it for dt770 250 or I just use the mobo ports

Hmm, thats actually a fairly decent cheap ended soundcard amplifier from hyperx. I have one of those as well. It can be used to power higher than 150 ohms but I never bothered checking 250 ohms. It’s worth a shot it won’t hurt anything but if it doesn’t work just flip over to the rear audio ports. Just keep in mind that 7.1 surround sound game amps like that are an artificial niche in the gamer market it does not help you… while it gives you a sense of wider sound it can and will screw up sound accuracy and you will lose the ability to pin point sound locations efficiently… it also just sounds like crap lol. Try it for the amp… skip the 7.1. If you want a good surround sound look into Hesuvi or Dolby Atmos

I don’t know how to setup a soundcard with my xbox one s atm. Do you think the beyerdynamic dt990 would he good for siege? Also what soundcard do you recommend?