🔶 Audeze CRBN Electrostatic Headphone

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  • Over Ear
  • Works with all 580 Volt Pro Bias amplifiers

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Basically trades blows with 009

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they are a handsome looking headphone tho, they do have that going for them.

I think the Empyrean’s started or at least made filigree popular, now Audeze and Sendy have followed suit :man_shrugging:


This was the first thing that came to mind, they look like they took heavy inspiration from the Empyrean’s.

At 300 grams, this makes me wish I had LCD-2 CB’s at that weight. These look incredibly comfortable. That price though, not to mention needing the proper amplification.




Depending on how far you want to go with the amplification, you could very well be looking at a ~$10,000 flagship setup — and that’s excluding the DAC and/or any other accessories.

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But doesn’t that hold true for most high end (don’t like the term summit fi) set ups…Susvara/AB-1266 Phi TC etc?


Yeah that’s basically what you’d really be wanting to look at for gear that’s this high end

Absolutely! If you are talking about ~5k top-tier headphones, and you are pairing them up with a top-tier amplifier, you could be easily looking at 10 grand.


I mean, shit. Sus amps go well over 10k alone, and dacs basicaly have no price cap. A propper t20 setup for stax is like a 20k amp as well iirc

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Exactly. It’s also business. You expect people to buy a top-tier amp and DAC for their top-tier headphone, so you develop a very expensive amp or DAC.

Then for the folks who want to spend a couple of grand for a cable, there are a number of manufacturers who will happily sell you a 10 grand power cable.

I see the headphones and think ‘I want them’, then I see the discussion around the surrounding costs and suddenly I want them less :grinning:


No, don’t get scared away.

Electrostats have been perceived to be the highest tier of headphone technology for decades. Nothing has changed, I myself also agree with this statement… except you really do need a dedicated amp (energizer) for them. No, you don’t need 10k for them, but I’d say 2k-5k should be invested for an energizer.

It’s big money, but it is THE end-game.

I’d say go for anything but a Stax energizer.


Fwiw, imo, cans matter far more than chain. An arya on a qudelix is a much more hifi experience than an ibasso sr2 on a 6k+ source chain. If yiu are interested and can afford it + a starter amp just do that and evaluate how deep you want to go from there.

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Hey! Leave my SR2’s alone. Please :sneezing_face:?

Jokes aside, I agree. What you are listening to makes the largest difference. Whether it’s speakers, IEMs, or headphones. That’s where you want your money to go.

In the end, it’s your ears that make the decision what they like. Money only matters in your bank, more expensive ≠ better-sounding. Your taste and preference are the two biggest factors that determine whether a purchase is worth it or not.

Perhaps you do not like the detail in the upper-end, then it doesn’t matter if a headphone costs 10k, your ears simply will not like it. That’s why you always see people telling you to listen to it before you buy it.


I have an SR-L300 limited and SRM-353X but going TOTL like the Audeze or Stax 009 I feel would benefit from a higher setup.

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I will add, in electrostats, the amp (energizer) matters a lot. It truly does.

Nice to see someone else in the electrostatic game but I’d still take a Stax L700/353X combo for half the price.

If price was a concern before you’ve even heard it you wernt the target market anyways