🔶 Audeze CRBN Electrostatic Headphone

I want BHSE too. I hear a very little difference between L300 LTD and 009 on SRM-252S.


Good to know!

If I could repeat that sentiment as well as you do on my channel, I would. Everyone is different with ear gain, pre-conceptions that prime different perceptions to occur when listening, and not to mention tastes and libraries.

Every reviewer and commenter is essentially sharing their amalgamation of variables when leading to their conclusions/opinions.

Regardless of how many people express an opinion about what gear sounds like, or how they rank compared to other gear, the individual in this hobby may always have a different take. And that’s ok.

This is essentially why my ranking system is set up as a ranking of My “Joy” Rankings. I try to articulate the objective experience my ears pick up on, but even those specific experiences may acoustically, or psycho-acoustically, be different for someone else!

At the end of the day, I just try to share what I experience and hope it helps others. The sad thing is if someone tries something, off of what we recommend from our own experience, and then has a bad time. That hurts.

EDIT: MEST is best loolllll



Glad we actually peacefully exchanged our opinions and perspectives.

What a beauty. Wow.

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It is advertised as 300g, but when I measured it, it was about 460g (and yes that was without the cable).
Can anyone else measure their pair and confirm…?

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Old post, I know…

With cable my scale says 500g. Even picking them up suggests they’re not much different in mass than many planar headphones.


yeah it is a mistake, they updated the website when I asked what gives

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Audeze CRBN Flagship Electrostatic Headphones

Electrostatic Headphone Shootout: Audeze CRBN vs. DCA Corina vs. STAX SR 009S. Which headphone wins?

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