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This is the official thread for the Audeze LCD-2 Classic. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

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Jeshaw Velhar

I owned these for a while. I liked them well enough, though it couldn’t really be said that I loved them. They were a perfectly competent headphone with a very good mid range and nice, laid-back treble. Actually they were a little surprising in that they were very detailed, despite the subdued treble response. And again, despite the treble being down in level, I thought they had a very good soundstage and imaging.

My biggest qualm with them was the bass response. I think part of the reason the bass didn’t wow me was because of the hype that was built up around it. I couldn’t find a review that didn’t mention how godly their bass was, how it was a thunderous masterpiece that would leave no one disappointed. To my ears, the bass had kind of a downward slant, losing power the lower it went. Now, my frame of reference at the time was the DT1770, so maybe it was a little unfair to compare, but even after (or, especially after?) getting my HE-500s the bass on the LCD-2C still couldn’t satisfy.

So it’s a great, consistent headphone in my book, just let down by the hype. I’d still recommend it, though, for someone in the market for a headphone in this price range.

I ended up trading my pair for a pair of Klipsch HP-3, and boy do I feel like I came out of that trade ahead. Those are a phenomenal headphone.

So I recently picked up the Sendy Aiva over the LCD - 2 Classics for my home desk setup. They were “cheaper”, had the beautiful looks, I had a balanced cable that worked for them, and had the signature that I thought fit me best. I currently pair my Aiva with the SU-8/SH-8 stack and I love it. The detail of this setup is incredible, but unbelievably sterile. Despite me going for the Aiva over the 2 Classics, I still hunger for these headphones. Are their signature different enough to rationalize owning both? I am looking for a headphone around that price range that has a fun character to it. Would the 2 Classics be that? Everyone says they have fantastic bass, but what else do they have? I should preface that I’ve never listened to a pair of LCDs so I don’t really know what their signature is. How is their soundstage? I miss the huge soundstage of my K7XX compared to the slimmer soundstage of the Sendy.

I guess to conclude, I love my Aiva but I am still on the hunt for the perfect mate to compliment them when I want to have less serious listening and just have some fun. Would the LDC - 2 Classics be just that?

Bought these based on the Z and Josh reviews. Perform above expectations. Hooked into a Massdrop CTH and are amazing. Maybe my standards are low, but myself and anyone who has listened to the combo has been impressed. Now waiting for the 789 to give the non-tube reference and then…who knows. Probably upgrade the cans but to what? Aeolus, LCD-X, Ether flows? Ideas welcome!

I’m the same boat; however, I already sent my LCD2C’s back. I think DMS mentioned in one of his videos that these have a dead zone left & right of center when discussing imaging. I agree with DMS 100% and that was the deal breaker for me. Right now I’m auditioning the Nuemann NDH 20 and Phillips SHP9500. Soon I will be getting the LCD-X’s. And yes I too am waiting on my 789.

Have not found the dead zone yet, but have not been looking for it - will be now. Please post your thoughts on the NDH 20 - they seem a bit sterile to me. At the moment leaning towards the Ethers or Aeolus. That said I really like the LCD2C’s so not ruling out staying with Audeze and going to the X’s for safety. Bit boring but when spending 1,000+ for a set of headphones want to make sure I make a properly informed decision.

The only issue I have with my NDH 20s is that they hurt. I guess I have a big head because my ears feel like I was just in match with a black belt in Jiu Jitsu who gave me cauliflower ears cause of the trauma. For me, the highs on the NDH 20s are crisp, but not fatiguing. The lows are full and impactful. Dude imaging is incredible especially in games. I can pin point a damn ME-109 as it goes from left to right in bfv. With some recordings I had to look behind me cuz I thought my wife was standing back behind me, but nobody was there. Then I start feeling the pain on my ears. I still have them, but I think I’m gonna return them and save for some LCD-X’s. The LCD2Cs were incredibly comfortable. If the Nuemann’s were half as comfortable as the LCD2Cs I’d keep them forever. By the way, what amp are you using?

Yea the bass on these sounds maybe adequate, but deff. below my preference for the most part…until you EQ them. They are the bass cannon to beat due to how low distortion dat bass is in stock form, if you crank a 6-9db boost in the sub bass region it will stagger a person!

I’ve got a very modded set of M1060 and although I like the sound mainly because I’ve spent so much time tweaking it, that through trial and error and learning about which mods did what in what quantity I was able to get them to a place where I’ve been very happy. These have been my first experience with high fidelity level headphones, I know they’re as entry level as it gets int he world of hi-fi.

My problem with them has always been the piss poor construction, the timbre I get from the headband at times, even if I hum I can hear the metal band resonate. So looking to upgrade but also looking to keep to a similar signature as I’ve got now. Watching reviews for the LCD2 Classic, there’s often a comparison to the M1060, so is this a suitable upgrade in both sound and build quality? Any other headphones I should be looking at as a natural upgrade patch in both build and sound that will keep to a similar signature?

I would say they are an upgrade, but they are darker then the m1060, so not the exact same sound sig. The lcd is more of a warm, wide sound with much better build quality, pads, comfort, and sound if you like a darker sound. If you want something brighter but still planar, I think the hifiman sundara or ananda would be appropriate upgrade paths if you like a brighter sound and a bit closer stage

To be honest, I don’t know what I like. I know that I like the sound I wound up with on these. Basically fuzzor mod inside and out with no foam on the outside cup just a sheer piece of fabric to keep out dust. Without the fuzzy strips especially on the outside of the driver, I founds these too bright. I have a pair of Dekoni angled lambskin pads. The only other pair of headphones I have are HD58X and I used to like them more until I got and started playing with the M1060. I like the base better and I find the mids on the HD58X a little too forward. I’ll read up on the Ananda and Sundara. I guess listening to myself here, I must not like “too bright” a sound.

I think you could eq the lcd 2 classic if you didn’t like the treble response, and if you wanted a less dark sound, you could just look for a used lcd2 that can be had for around the same price if I remember correctly

You must be clairvoyant or something. I should not be spending more money on audio stuff but here I am. Zu speakers not being shipped till the 17th so I use the time to take the plunge… I am now in the Audeze club.

Found an LCD-2 June 2016 date, the owner had changed the headband to the new 2018 models. $575 which is probably a fair price given the upgraded headband.

It really helped sitting in a meetup with 8 other people trying out different gear. I liked the newer LCD-2 because I found they had a similar signature as I’d modded into my M1060. The difference being was that the M1060 felt like looking at a dirty monitor screen while the LCD-2 felt like looking at the same screen but but with all the dirt and fingerprints cleaned off.

I think if money was no object I would have been most happy with a HIFIMAN HE 1000se. But back here on planet earth, I had to settle.

I owned a pair of these in 2018. The bass was a bit pumped up and a little loose trailing after a pretty good initial snap. Mids rich, borderline seductive. Big drop in the upper mids into the low treble. Makes them non offensive and easy to listen too. Treble comes up to normal levels for a bit, then drops like a stone in the top 1/2 octave. They were heavy and clunky to wear, and I very much did not like the ultra seal effect when putting them on. I could live with the discomforts - but - every bit of full range music that came through them was colored. I will testify that contraltos solo sound very very good through these.

I like the LCD-3 somewhat, if it was $750 new I’d be interested. I really like the LCD-4, but $1750 would be the limit.

Hey guys, I own a the LCD2-C and im searching for a good tube amp to pair with it. Im owning a Darkvoice and this goes very well with my 6XX, but its considered as not good for planars (probably cause of the amount of noise I get if I plug them into it?)…Any recommendations? I really learned to love tube sound in general and I would like to upgrade to an amp that is better for planars.

What’s your budget? I would suggest looking into a tube hybrid amp

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I was thinking of around 500 Euros, if thats enough.

How much can you get a xduoo ta20 would be pretty nice imo. You could also find a deal on the monolith liquid spark platinum would be nice

I can vouch for the xDuoo TA-20 definitely adds tubiness but maintains the power from the hybrid design.

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The Xduoo is 311 Euros. I have to look a bit after this. The Monolith would be about 800 in Germany with taxes etc. Thank you for the recommendation !

@db_Cooper sounds good!