Audio Setup Upgrade - HD6XX, ATOM, D30

Hello. I’ve been researching audio for the past couple of months and want to get a solid sound setup going.
Currently using: hd6xx with atom + d30.
I am competitive about gaming and I would like to enjoy listening to music as well. I listen to Travis Scott, Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, Lana Del Rey, and Nirvana.
M0N suggested going with dt 1990 pros and getting a d50s as an upgrade from d30. stick with the atom.
I may go that direction but just double-checking with the community. He also mentuioned the geshelli stack as an alternative.
I’m scared to get the dt1990 pros though because of the treble. I don’t really understand why people think they are fatiguing to listen to.
Thanks for reading! Any suggestions?

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Ah something to consider now that I think about it, if you were worried about treble, you could get a beyerdynamic t1 mk2, as that would be warmer and less bright as the 1990 but with similar resolution and staging (idk why I didn’t think of that earlier)

hmm… that’s a good idea. are those better than the dt 1990s?

I would say so yes, for music listening at least, they preform similarly for gaming, and I think the 1990 is better for studio

have we considered the elex yet? I feel that would be a better direction

nvm missed the competitive gaming part

Yeah for music I would go for elex, but for gaming the t1 mk2 or 1990 pull ahead imo

What M0N said

I also really like the dt880 600ohm for comp gaming and for rap and metal music. I have the atom but I haven’t used my dt880 with them because I have the asgard 3.

elex for music
dt 1990/t1 mk2/dt 880 for gaming

I would say so

I think the elex for mainly music, t1mk2 for a good balance multiuse, and 1990 pro for mainly gaming

do i need to have any special settings for my audio setup or do i just plug and play

It should just be plug an play (perhaps change a few settings for the dac but otherwise plug and play)

I think if you have the budget it might be worthwhile for the t1 mk2 to get an enog 2 pro and asgard 3 for your dac amp imo, the t1 mk2 is harder to drive than the 1990 pro (or actually I also like the jds element II or el II stack)

i have the 6xx rn and i barely go past 11 o clock with em does that mean that they are easy to drive or is the atom just a beast?

The 6xx is on the easier to drive side of things, but the atom is sill powerful. Don’t get me wrong, the atom could handle the t1 mk2 no problem volume wise, but you are mainly upgrading the amp for quality reasons, the t1 mk2 scale with better quality amps (improves the fidelity, as you are looking for more quality rather than volume with higher end amps)

is the asgard 3 better than the geshelli amp?

I think for the t1 mk2 I think the asgard 3 (or the el amp II) is the better pairing, for the elex I think the archel 2.5 pro is the better pairing

could you explain the “dt” line? like 770 vs 880 etc. never understood this.

770 is a closed back, 880 is semi-open, 990 is open back

Gotcha. So to start off, imo the higher the ohm the better the sound quality and refinement for the beyer line imo (this is only relating to the beyer line, don’t apply this logic to other headphones), so I will be going off the currently aval highest ohm models for a comparison. Also there are typically a pro and premium editions, and the main differences are that the pro have a coiled cable and a bit stronger clamp, the premium have a straight cable with a bit more comfortable clamp. Also their editions with black pads sound different than their editions with the silver pads, the black pads are stiffer and accentuate treble and are a bit more harsh, personally I prefer the silver pads for sure.

The dt770 250 ohm is their closed back offering and is a wider, more v shaped with good subbass and the brighter beyer treble, good isolation as well with little leak.

The 880 600 ohm is their semi open can, with a neutral bright signature and imo the most technically impressive out of the bunch, not great isolation and decent amount of leak. Pretty dang great spatial recreation imo.

The 990 600 ohm is their open back, and is known for having a bit of a w shaped signature that is also very bright. Really forward and also has really nice imaging performance.

For the lower end beyer line, I think you would most prefer the dt880 600 ohm as it blends a neutral bright signature that works well for most music and also gaming, and has very nice imaging and soundstage. I think if you wanted to get something for purely comp gaming, the 990 600 ohm would be my pick with it’s excellent imaging and very bright signature that would be pretty forward. If you wanted something for more fun and isolation, the 770 250 ohm is my pick

There are more DT headphones beyer has, but these are the 3 most common you will run into in the more budget side of things

Edit: for fun, here are more currently produced DT models not mentioned lol:

DT 1990 PRO
DT 1770 PRO
DT 240 PRO
DT 100
DT 150
DT 252
DT 250
DT 108
DT 290 MK II
DT 790
DT 797 PV
DT 280 MK II
DT 109