Audio Technica models?

Like many people that are into audio I started out with the ATH-M50X’s. 4 or 5 years ago I went into a store testing out with my iPod Classic. Couldn’t make a decision and got a deal on two pairs. Within a few months both moved on. However, I am creating this thread because I am curious about Audio Technica. What are some great 'phones they make now or recently, open or closed back under 1K?

AD700x, AD900x, R70x, AD1000x, AD2000x are my picks for open from them

W1000z, A2000z, A1000z, MSR7, M40x, ATH-SR9 are my picks for their closed

There are other models I enjoyed but they are either out of the price range or hard to get in the US. I didn’t mention some other models because I personally don’t think they are worthwhile

I figured you would respond.:slightly_smiling_face:

Funny you don’t hear more about them. Which open ones really shine at vocals?

The 1000x and 2000x are awesome for female vocals

Closed I would say the the w1000z, a2000z, a1000z, and msr7 would be my pick for closed female vocals.

For male vocals actually the r70x would be what I like

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Really? I was just offered a pair of R70X’s on trade. An upgraded cable was included. Maybe I should reconsider?

Wait what’s wrong with the r70x? It’s more like a better improved hd600

I am always up for an interesting trade but that company hasn’t been on my radar for quite a while and I don’t know anything about those 'phones. I just did some looking and they are studio type headphones? Flat and neutral sound signature?

I was curious about the HD600, but since I didn’t like the HD6XX, I stayed away.

Yes they are flat and neutral. If you didn’t enjoy the 6xx, I would be cautious as you might not like the r70x then (but who knows)

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Kind of funny how there is a $1,000 gap between the AD2000x and the ATH-ADX5000. I would love to hear the 5000’s. Zeos says their neutrality Kings. Gave them a great review.

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I actually don’t think they are as neutral as the clear for example, but I do enjoy mine

kinda funny. Zeos didnt seem to like the Clears. felt like they where for specific songs

I think he really missed the mark with the clear review, also I also feel that he didn’t have the right amps on hand to realize the benefits of the clear

Just of curiosity, do you have any opinions on the ATH WP960? You had recommended the ATH-W1000Z.
They are within $50.00 of each other.

Both are available on
Could you describe their sound?

My only ATH experience is the M50X about 5 years ago.

Never heard of the WP960 before. The W1000z is a really weird can, bass light, bit of a midrange boost, and a really wonky yet crafted treble response. They are intimate but good detail, just really strange headphone. If you wanted to try out a strange headphone, this is a good pick

When I go shopping for anything, never is the word “strange” on my shopping list :grinning:

Thank you!

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I should say really hit or miss lol. It’s a very crafted sound and works well for asian music but other stuff like some instruments do sound very impressive, but not a good all rounder

I’ve had my msr7 going on 2 1/2 years. They have great imaging and good soundstage for a closed back. Bass is slightly recessed but has a nice sound and punch to it. Mids are great, but the highs that are buffed can sometimes be splashy, aggressive, and annoying in some listening sessions, but it’s rare. If you get one I recommend a cable on Amazon from kabel Direkt, KabelDirekt - Aux Cord, Stereo & Audio Cable 3.5mm (Unbreakable & great for iPhones, iPads, Headphones, Smartphones, Notebooks, MP3 Players, Cars & other devices with 3.5mm Aux Port) - 4 feet - nylon. It tames the highs and sounds great. The worse cables I used on the msr7 are the originals, no joke…and I tried alot with them.

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The R70x and MSR7 are two of the most unfairly overlooked headphones around. Both offer superb performance at modest cost and punch well above their price points. The R70x is one of the best reference headphones out there, pretty neutral and very well done. The MSR7 is a bit bright, but again it is very well done and incredibly detailed and revealing.

I had a soft spot for some of the older Audio Technica models which had a slightly odd tuning which I think was optimized for J pop. A bit odd but great with the right music.

And their lower cost models like the M50x remain a great entry point.


You’re not the only one. Since I wrote the name down wrong, I can’t seem to find it anywhere. :thinking:
The correct name is ATH-WP900

Ah I tried those at a show but I don’t have enough experience with them to say much (I did like them and comfort wise they were an improvement over older models). Also I have been enjoying my ath-awas but I think those are going to be more expensive than what you are looking for