Audio upgrade recommendations

Hi everyone.
I really want to upgrade my audio setup. But i’m overwhelmed by all the things i could buy.

I have planed to buy the Neumann NDH 20 or maybe the Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro in combination with the Fiio k5pro.

At the moment i’m running my HD58x off my Fiio btr5.

Would this combination be a good upgrade or does anybody have other reccomendations?
(Headphones should be under 500€ and AMP under 200€)

Thank you so much for your help.

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Why not buy a Questyle cma 400i oder a Singxer Sda 2 C so you have enough power in the next year.
They are great Dac/amps for the price.:wink:

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Thanks for your reply. Sadly i don’t have the money for that. My complete setup should be under 700€.
And even that is really streching my limit. But thank you for the suggestion. :slight_smile:

What kind of music do you listen to and what do you feel is lacking or want less of in the 58x? What do you like about the 58x?

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Hi thanks for your response.
I listen to all kinds of music. Especially metal and rock like pink floyd, led zeppelin, etc.
I really like my 58x and it’s hard to tell what I like / dislike because the HD58x are my first set of really good headphones, so I don’t have a reference what they do better or worse than other headphones (if that makes sense).

The 58X is a solid all around headphone when paired with a good amp will get you a lot of smiles for your dollar.

Order something and send it back so you at least have one frame of reference. Without knowing which direction you want to go, it’s difficult to begin the journey.

Suggestions, go for something different. Either a planar, or a closed back so you can at least listen to another technology. Or maybe forget the headphones for now and get yourself a GOOD amp. In world gone by you could go to a show or a meetup where people brought their gear and you could listen to each other’s crap and get a better sense of your likes and dislikes from there. Covid kinds of blew that up for now.


Hi thanks for your reply.

You have a point there. Since im new to this please excuse any dumb questions. Does a new amp make a big difference on low impedance headphones? Because i don’t want to spend 300€ just to have a slight increase in audio quality if you know what i mean.

Also do you have any recomendations in terms of amp or planars? I have heard that the hifiman sundaras are really good.

The Sundara’s are a nice headphones that works for pretty much anything.

Amps are addicting. Once you get used to the bigger, fuller sound you want it all the time. My Grado’s work fine out of my DAP or phone, but sound So much better out of a full chain (DAP TO DAC TO Amp).

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Hi thanks for your reply.

Maybe i could also go with the sundaras and a beefier amp. The problem is the price as always. And especially in the eu availability. I really wanted to try out the Schiit amps but they don’t ship to germany (if you don’t want to pay 40€ for shipping that is).

Where would you start if you were me?

I LOVE my Violectric amp. Have you looked at Lake People? Same company, but cheaper models. Also, maybe consider the used market?

The Sundara’s are a nice, smooth headphone, but not my favourites. Great bang for the buck though. You can always upgrade down the road. They are by NO means bad. Not bassy, if you are a hip-hop/EDM guy, though.

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I didn’t know about Lake People. The Lake People G103-S looks pretty promissing and is available in Germany. 260€ is pretty hefty though. Do you have tried this model by chance?

I have not tried any Lake People gear, but the corporate family is pretty solid. You can look at used too. I bought my Violectric used and got it for about half price. New, it was stupid expensive.

You can check out Head-Fi where you will find threads on pretty much every amp ever made. :grinning:

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Thank you for your reccomendations. Ill put it on my list. Sadly all things regarding audio are pretty confusing (at least for a noob like me). I think the best thing would be to buy stuff and just try it out.

That is the long, expensive tale of how I learned what I like. :grin:

It took years and cost several thousand $'s.

The upside is that you can sell on your “mistakes”. At a loss, of course.

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You could try a Stax SRS-3100. One on Ebay for $665. Entry level Stax electrostatic headphones(no amp required, but comes with an “energizer”). Of course, the L700 leather pads are an awesome upgrade for it, as well :slight_smile:

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I sended back the k5 pro after trying it with my dt 1990 it began to distort at my desired volume level

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Hm that is unfortunate. Because i ordered the k5 and the dt1990 pros a few hours ago. I really want to try both out. Maybe you had a broken unit idk. I’ll test it out once everything arrives.
Are you happy with the 1990 pros?
And off wich amp are you running them now?

Thanks for the recommendation.
I baught the 1990 pros with the k5 but if im not satisfied and sent them back this would definitely be an option.

I love the 1990 im still using it. I bought the rme adi 2 after i send back the k5 pro

Yes just try the k5 pro you can still send it back afterwards but I didn’t like it

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That is one pricey amp. If the k5 sucks then I guess I’ll have to save up for a better amp. (Im especially interested in the drop + thx 789)

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile: