🔶 Audioquest NightHawk

This is the official thread for the Audioquest NightHawk. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Over Ear
  • No Amp needed
  • Open Back-ish

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Jewsha Velbor

These headphones don’t get enough love.

Steve really knew what he was talking about in his review of them. The sound is laid back but detailed enough and the distortion figures are exemplary for a dynamic and the bass is flatter than any open Sennheiser I’ve heard

The Hawks and the their closed sibling the Owls get a big recommendation from me

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@AFK Indeed!

I see the problem that your had must get a chance to know these. In a back and forth switchero they at first seem “muffeld”. But I´ve you search for the ultimate relaxing rock cans, give them a try.

In the current final days of sale, they are a steal for the price.

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They are great headphones, I sold mine and really miss them, I need a new pair, especially at their current price.

I agree these are a good headphone. I don’t understand the negative reactions in terms of them sounding odd compared to others. At $250 now on Amazon I’m glad I went for it.

Cries in original nighthawk MSRP purchaser

Edit: still worth though, haven’t heard something like it since

I am thinking of getting these, They look cool, and sound unique to a lot of people. Anyone have any music choices they love with these? a song preferably not a genre

I see a few of these used for under $200, considering them as my first real set of headphones. Coming from some cheapo Logitech headset, and apple ear pods haha. Would these be good for someone new to the scene, who intends to also competitively game a little with them?

Good for music, but would most likely be wonky sounding for gaming. It’s the wrong sound signature that might let some people down for comp gaming, but would most likely be fine for casual

I bought a pair used and i really enjoyed the dark warm sound. It is quite good when i want to relax at night with their laid back sound but very detailed.

Here is a tip for you guys: when i bought them, the previous owner was somekind of hippie and they a hard incense smell (which i hate as much as i hate a kick in the groin). I tried to carefully wash the earpads but the pleather started to peal at my touch. I was dissapointed but not defeated. I had a pair of brainwavz angle real leatther pads laying around from another headphone mod and i just popped the plastic frame form the OEM earpads, carefullly placed it into the brainwavz sleeves and folded the sleeve close to the docking pins (just enough to expose them) and placed them back. Same sound, better comfort and byebye smell!