🔶 Audioquest NightHawk

I hate that people can’t appreciate something different. You go against grain and some immediately start hating you. cough everyone on reddit cough.

The msrp and their reputation doesn’t help though


I’m sure compared to the margin on their cables headphones probably brought in a lot less comparatively


Hey @M0N Do the OG NightHawk come stock with the hybrid pad? From what little research looking for suede pads it seems I have the hybrid pads. I don’t have the Carbon’s leather or Suede pads. I can find the Leather for sale but no mention of Suede pads anywhere.

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Yeah I saw that too

I think so but I can’t recall

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Looks like I will have to try some aftermarket pads… There was one post i saw some guy got good results from Audeze vegan suede pads. Might try the ZMF Universe pads in suede. Then maybe brainwavz suede. Idk.

Btw if anyone has a spare pair of the MicroSuede pads i’ll buy haha.

Update: Ordered some ZMF Universe pads. No clue how I’ll get them to stay on but I reckon I’ll find a way. Also AudioQuest got back to me and of course the MicroSuede are discontinued and sold out. Though they do have the protein leather in stock for $50 USD.

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Suede brainwavz pads work pretty well. They sound pretty close to the suede nighthawk pads as far as I can tell.


These are the ones I’m gonna buy along with the ZMF:

Or are these too long length wise for the NightHawks? Should I go for a more Round pad?

The round pads might look a bit weird. If you’re gonna go zmf the oval suedes could would but those are THICC :eyes:. Especially compared to the stock pads. Dunno how those would sound. Oval brainwavz suedes fit the best around the pad rings.

Nearly a week using the XD05 Plus with the Nighthawks and they keep sounding better and better. I’m wondering now if I can make these my headphones for calls too. Are the modmics still worth it these days? Are there better alternatives?

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The inline mic that comes on the stock cable is okay actually. You just need to figure out how to get it to work.
It’s kind of impossible to do a modmic for double ended cables as far as I know.

Yeah, the inline works for my laptop but my PC doesn’t have a TRRS input for audio + mic. I was thinking more of the Antlion Uni or that audio technica detach mic (and i like the aesthetic).

I’m also not sure if the inline mic still works when plugged into the XD05.

I don’t think he’s talking about the vmoda boom pro.

Modmic will work if you use a Y connector. The only thing is that the headphone cable should be a non mic one.

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Ah. Yeah the microphones wouldn’t work if the unit is plugged into the XD-05.
Have you thought about a separate mic?

Headphones go to the XD-05, from the XD-05 goes to the Y cable. Modmic goes direct to the Y cable. Y cable is plugged to the motherboard/controller 3.5mm connector

Topping Nx3s instead of xDuoo.


Well there ya go. Looks fairly straightforward.

I’m all about standalone mics myself. Used to use the blue yeti but the port and cord were shit and on the bottom so bound to bend and break. Just got a quadcast from hyper x and it’s legit.

Once you go desktop mic you don’t go back man. Sounds way better, no worry about breathing into mic, no extra cords dangling from your headphones.


Oh I just noticed for Xbox. Never mind then :+1:

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I’m a long way from having to buy it so I’ll give standalone some thought, thanks.