Aurora is the best. I will fight you if you disagree

I’d describe her music as Dark, Ethereal, and Other Wordly. Oh and Frikin Majestic. (don’t know if we can swear in here or not, but you get where I was goin’ with that)

I’ll drop a few examples here. Dropping only Acoustic versions as that will show off her voice better.

Warrior - Acoustic Version

It Happened Quiet - Acoustic Version

Nature Boy (Nat King Cole) - This is the song that brought her to my attention. I’ve heard a few different renditions and I only like two: Nat King Cole’s and Aurora’s

When I said, “I’ll fight you” it was more of a metaphorical fight. Please don’t hit me, I bleed easily.

TRUE AUDIOPHILE ADDENDUM: I understand there is no possible way I can verify the validity of this as I do not speak for the whole of humankind nor have I lived long enough to possibly know that this is a fact. I am simply trying to share, with you all, an artist that I enjoy listening to.


I came here to fight but after spending and hour down a rabbit hole of Aurora Music… she is amazing.


I have never heard of her before and have to say I got your back RandomStrata if anyone wants that fight

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Saw the other Music Posts and I was inspired by those people putting themselves out there. Music is very subjective and personal, so typically people aren’t going to share your thoughts. So when I saw those other posts I was like, huh these peeps are just trying to let others know and discover new music. Figured she was new enough that most people wouldn’t know who the hell she was.

Glad people are enjoying Aurora :smiley:


I am some dude named Landon and I approve this message.

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She’s really legit. Honestly FOLK music as a genre is something that I’m into. But I must admit that when the music (not the genre only) such as the lyrics are folk or storytelling for some reason I CAN’T get into it. But if you dig that style I highly recommend BROWN BIRD specifically SALT FOR SALT. The instrumentation is AMAZING and he has a great voice and style. I really appreciate his stuff. But I just can’t get into it because of the storytelling of folk that they do.


Actually I just learned about Brown Bird the other day on here. :smiley:

quixotic1x started a topic about it and I was like, hey this is pretty good.

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Hahaha. I see. Well it’s good to know that you liked them either way. Even if you learned about them by quoxoticx.

I suggest you listen to Anna Von hausswolff

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I have only recently discovered her. I think she is great. I have Running with the Wolves in my Tidal rotation.

same here I have never heard of her before , singing is so easy for her , so smooth.
nice choice :+1:

Thank you for this! I love finding new music to enjoy!

thank you for this, this on my HD6xx were just pleasing.

W🙌W been following her since watching her on NPR

Quirky and Legit!

Ooooo, haven’t heard The Beatles cover before.

Welp, I’m back now after a few hours listening to every single one of her songs.

What the fuck is her voice man…


There is just something ethereal about it. I suspect she’s alien, but that’s just me throwin’ conspiracy theories out there and, you know, secretly wanting to bang an alien.

i disagree so let’s “fight”?! i have listened to some live performances because that’s where you see the talent and she is mediocre … a lot sreaming and when she doesn’t scream, her microphone is packed with sound effects to help her hide the defects in her voice

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Found her music awhile ago, she kinda has the weirdness of yolandi from die antwoord

Don’t think live performances is the way you’re supposed to judge. Her final product is the music she releases, and that’s the only way you can evaluate a singer’s music.