Bad Guy Good Audio Rankings and stuff (under construction) (Part 2)

I decided to skip LM for now and wait for hades…time for something a bit different and supporting those sales will encourage more experiments for bass orientated genres at lower price points.

@GooberBM got me thinking about goals with gear…well the psychoacoustic illusion of a small driver is not going to ever achieve standing in front of a soundsystem but for the form factor…it seems some (many) genres really do need massive bass (its just the way the culture of music was for a time). It’s like headphones were kind of doing this but then iems took over but the bass mantle hasn’t really been picked up… (could be wrong, just an observation). Don’t even want to show the seemingly ridiculous target on which I listen on and don’t want to get into specific frequencies…I get there’s a large window of preference. I’m a total audio noob when it comes to understanding this stuff so don’t @ me anyone! Just coming to realise that basshead needs to stop being seen as some speciality category by chifi…there’s about 30 years of music that says otherwise.

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Nah no cash man… will have a quick go and see if it’s any good or not. It’s already a nice image so there’s not much I can do with my skills. Can you dm that image of the dad/kid?


Yeah and yeah…

Love animals and love Audio A2+…

actually…I can never love an inanimate object…Objectophilia is a rather imbecilic human trait

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I’m gonna lay down on this…but you know my rather harsh feelings about these matters

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Ok…let me just say…I was two days late with an order to a customer…two days

"We appreciate your diligence in regards to our contractual agreement, but we regret to inform you that we will be taking any future business elsewhere "


This is a different world because folks allow it to be.
Don’t buy stuff from companies that fuck with you. Not a 2nd time anyway.
You keep counting. I hit 236 days and felt dumb as fuck.
That money is gone. I feel nothing. I felt dumb. I let it go an hour ago.
Dont buy FF ever again and vote with your wallet.


Sometimes I feel like…

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I sent Ellie at FF a juicy one yesterday…but I never referred to her as the culprit…
regretfully she feels the ire of unsatisfied customers…and she has to absorb a lot of unsavory comments and the indignation that comes along with it

but she still is the rep…so she does not get the pass

Sorry Ellie…you’re lucky you’re cute


Yeah, trying to balance fury and a lady is hard but it is literally their job to clean up what is spilt be it a man or woman.
If he or she cannot handle the heat they are not meant to do that job (stand in a fire)


I ordered a pair, but I am guessing I won’t see them until mid-March

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This is the part I was referring to…suggested changing a dimension to decrease cpu…sorry…cost per unit

They dragged their feet because some engineers can’t decide if they should wipe their ass or not

Because of those fuckers indecisiveness…I fell out of my window

Oh…they’ll be looking elsewhere in the future…fuck you…I would never accept you as a client ever again

Fuck me…no…no…no…fuck you


Snowing outside so sittin around compulsive buying on 'zon and needed to add something to the order for free shipping…coincidentally Dan’s take on the QKZ was on the 'tube

so off to see the wizard…the wonderful wizard of Oz

The Toecutter is in the huddle…you throw it anywhere in my direction…and it’s as good as caught


Waiting time rip but understandable, gonna be a cool one to just sit it out and wait hopefully its a banger

I was gonna go buy a FF mini but that’s big money for me rn and I’ve never ordered from them

If Doscinco works out, gonna be a great gift to my sis

At least the only stuff on my list is small purchases for now besides Doscinco or Hype 4, well maybe

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That was nice to see.
I did speak up for him
Saw a vid and he had RHCP and ELO Mr Blue Sky and was like …Yooo!
RHCP is my jam and ELO is my Mom’s
Get that guy content
Glad that worked out.

EDIT: X HBB sounded dope unless it came right after Maestro SE…ouch…there are levels :joy:
EDIT 2: The IE200 is ****ing garbage trash. That set sounds like a KZ on a very bad day…jeeezus.
I hated that thing…I just remembered why


The OG QKZ set is definitely a dope set for the money, there’s no question about it. I personally prefer the Rosefinch my self but you can’t deny that for less than $20, the HBB set is going to give you better res and an overall more balanced sound sig, at least to my ears.


A little late to the party with the identity reveal, but here’s me with my favorite pokemon :stuck_out_tongue:


Same here…birds of a feather flock together…Out of the Blue was in rotation during my younger years…about the same time as Toys in the Attic

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This should be aight on the QKZ…where’s my f’n snare

But maybe I should have gotten the Chris Khan…bro…if I closed my eyes I swear I thought I was listening to Sean Penn…Sean’s brother Chris Penn

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I’ve used these guys numerous times…one week turnaround time…sometimes less… and very good pricing…all they need is a file and what you want it made of…I realize you’re overseas though

Protolabs…muy bueno

edit…I forgot…sometimes they’ll even work straight off a print

Hey @hawaiibadboy when I looked at your Scarlet Mini Video I noticed that you like the Scarlet Mini better then the Maestro Mini. But on your Ranking you have not listed the scarlet mini. Just the maestro mini. Have you just not updated your rankings or changed your mind ? Deciding between the SM and MM that’s why I ask. My library Consists of mostly Hip Hop, EDM, some Rock and punk and a little bit of 80s synth. Looking for a daily driver so also watching videos and stuff. Would the bass boost on the Scarlet Mini be too much for a daily driver ? Thanks in advance if you have the time to answer Love what you do.