Bad Guy Good Audio Rankings and stuff (under construction) (Part 2)


You say the hill’s too steep to climb
You say you’d like to see me try

You pick the place and I’ll choose the time
And I’ll climb
The hill in my own way
Just wait a while for the right day
And as I rise above the treeline and the clouds
I look down, hearing the sound of the things you said today

And when you reminisce,
thinkin’ how you got dissed
Remember how it felt and then remember this
Be true to you,
believe that there’s no one bigger
'Cause they can all suck dick,
it’s strictly for my niggas

200w (26)

2pac and Pink Floyd saying same thing
Took me 37 years to notice


She has very good apprehension of the song…love bass covers…they stress IEMs in a very particular way that gives you an understanding of its potential in the fundamentals


Maybe it would be fitting to open a thread for the new Dusk? :blush:


cute and very good…great combo


All done buddy :+1:


Saw this rusty ole spigot on the road…driving an old Lincoln Continental…blaring hip hop with what sounded like 12s and smokin a Bob Marley spleef the size of a zucchini…wonder what the grandkids think of grams-ma


Apparently it has viberation…or liberation…I’m not sure…but it sure looks good


200w (27)

For Grandma slammin subs and
whatever that viberation of liberation thing is maaaan

The PTZ kinda have to be secured to housing to even fit and be mounted into an IEM so that’s an odd thing to point out…but $3,200…you better mak sum reeezunz :pinched_fingers:


PZT…maybe it’s (PTSD) post-traumatic stress disorder …that’s what you get after spending 3200 on a Noble…my first go-around with them didn’t go too well




I’ve stopped trying to fool myself that I have or want an exit strategy but sometimes you see a squiggly line that makes you think you could walk away. What? Stop looking at me like that…


Is it just me or does this like incredibly well balanced as a vocal set? Excited to know more.


This is like Genesis :peace_symbol:and Hades was Armageddon :tornado:


You’ll never stop the endless search…at least I can’t…I hate the idea of finding THAT end-game IEM…takes all the fun out of it…as it’s no longer a hobby or diversion and would make belonging belonging to a forum and engaging with you fine gentleman redundant…

then I’ll be stuck just listening to music…wait a sec…holy shit just realized that’s what it’s all about…the music man…the music…I’ve been goin about this all wrong

Who the fuck am I kidding…I love buying new IEMs…it’s turned into an addiction…like any diversion I’ve ever undertaken in my life…OCD raising its ugly head


Papas Fearless Story

Year 1977 ish. Place NJ. So there was snow, lots of snow an Orange VW Squareback

…and LSD.

So before it kicked in, we decided to head out to Brielle Golf course and do some sledding and tobogganing on the awesome hill there.

Met up with everybody and had a blast…NOW, everyone is peaking and we decide we should get back somewhere safe cos the snow is really coming down…do not even think of lecturing me…I am driving, tripping balls and the snow is coming down in the most beautiful magical way you could ever imagine…of course I had the high beams on…Pink Floyd blasting on some Pioneer home speakers I put in the back….you might guess the song…

Oh shit…suddenly we’re sliding downhill spinning …slowly, in our own tiny bubble fearlessly spinning towards the intersection below…zero braking and less steering were the options. Spinning , Slow motion, Pink Floyd, High beams and swirling snow, about to die? Maybe…no one gave a fuck… it was magnificent!

It felt like 10 minutes and we did eventually spin our last circle stopping dead in the center of the intersection…it was hard not to laugh and and express how glad we were to be alive on such a beautiful night.

There is no chance I will ever hear that song or hear someone talk about it and not have some flashback of spinning and watching beautiful snow falling.


I just drove past there this past weekend goin to Point Lobster in Point Pleasant…

you’re probably happy where you are now but Jerseyans always come home to roost…you’ll be back…at least to visit

I caddy’d at Maplewood Golf course and would get stoned with my friends and drive the carts around the course…Mark Pershawn drove his into the lake…I got mine stuck in a sand trap



As for Genesis…


Tripping out with that track on …and some home speakers layed down in back in the snow sounds like a dream.
I appreciate the sharing. :peace_symbol: :mirror_ball:


Damn they look like jewelry, never owned red IEMs before. (Tangzu X HBB Xuan Nv)