Bad Guy Good Audio Rankings and stuff (under construction) (Part 2)

Thing is beautiful :heart: :ok_hand:


Goes as hard as my LX CIEM but also reaches lower and is more textured. Wtf did they put in there? My neck is vibrating!
Upper mid tactility without any eargain is also amazing.
I went for a balanced set and got exactly that + massive tricks under the sleeve.




That is a trip. Lotta reviews mention bass as nothing special.
It’s the ultimate easter egg for folks who listen to the big drops.
Congrats. I think it is a very special set

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I actually didn’t notice at first, going by memory. Then A/B’d couple times and Canpur came out as a hard hitter.


My endgame source, right here. One day… one day. congrats and happy listening!


DX 9 is beautifully executed, with an intelligent user experience.
Since primary usage is a preamp, the quiet delay switching, great remote, nice front panel, are leagues ahead of similar units, and greatly appreciated. Not sure it will deliver 7 watts at 32 Ohms but am cautiously optimistic.
My dealer loaned me the HIFiMan Serenade while waiting for this, after the heavy letdown of the IFI Neo 2. So a mini , but fresh comparison …
Serenade is a fantastic sounding Dac/amp/preamp with tons of gain and power, maybe even more than DX 9, but it ends there, way back there with unnecessary clicks and pops, speaker excursions and a terrible UI. If they fix all that I would get another one.
ifi Audio simply need to be honest and obvious in their marketing and not mislead with power specs. That unit sounded fantastic as well.
Although those two units are less cost, they are similar enough in spec and function to warrant a mini comparison, especially from someone with their $$ invested.
I will say each of the three have unique but slight characteristic differences to their sound, with Topping being most neutral, none were best, yet both iFi and Hifiman have a little special sauce in their signature, for better or worse.


So…bro…what do you think about the 10-1 split…I personally think it will induce more speculators to consider diluting their holdings with incremental buys…

at least the price is more palatable for the average joe…FOMO out the ying-yang :moneybag:

if I believe in a company’s financial health and prospects…I dilute stock all the time…but only when the iron is hot

Sony bass just rolled back into town…taking a look at chifi drinking it’s vanilla milk…wipe off that 'stache boys…C’mon JVC, your turn…bring it back…but 40mm driver…how does it fair in a paper test?

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If you believe in your stock and have a founder still around you usually wouldn’t want to split as it makes a buy back more difficult on multiple fronts.

If your targeting the retail market and riding a popularity wave and just so happen to have some management share option cash outs or institutional investor hold period on the horizon then that is a different matter - all aboard dilution.
This usually encourages volatility - so you may need to be more active & present with the trading if this is a long-term play as there are market corrections around that industry to dial in also over the coming year.


Agreed… what initially started as inquisitiveness has turned into part-time infatuation/compulsion for me…it’s how I approach everything…including what brought me here…monitors…it’s an addiction…just like anything else

so I"ve been addicted to this kind of monitor for quite awhile now…glued to the tube so I’m always on point

wife comes and checks on me every once in awhile to see if I’m still alive

Kenyon…the 10-1 split I was referring to was Nvidia’s decision on the 7th to attract more investors… volatility is positive at this point…actually up 4 percent as I type and the market just opened here

I am well aware of Gamestop mentality in today’s market but I only invest in companies that have inherent worth…I’m not swayed by media

and I know that Chris is a holder so I wanted to know his opinion


that’s a dream set for me right there

someday but most likely never with my situation lol

you win some you lose some, I’ll get my Ears on Gaea, Scarlet Mini and Mest Mk2 before I die tho

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I had a feeling you might be talking about Nvidia - my comment was more on the finance side of event incentivization and opening up of liquidity events with a structure like theirs. Market cap adjustments do not benefit management (well maybe founders holding 3.5% with an over 50% institutional cap table) and with, excess cash & not consolidating or taking on debt for expansion, doing a stock split with a large dividend raise along with maturing options can be an easy finance short term win - an already listed form of pre placement.

This is like the antithesis of the Gamestop brazen market manipulation movement. It’s subtle insider wealth building.

I know you are sussed up chap so whilst you can be value-investing all day also good to understand the institutional and management strategy dynamics to dip in and out when risk and adjustments are being pincered in - finance induced, industry reporting-induced or human nature induced.

Hope both you & @hawaiibadboy make a killing on it :+1:

I can relate to that :joy::joy::joy:
Blessing and a curse


Yo…I was off grid.
I bought 666 shares at $194 a share eventually 697 in 2021
I now own 6,970 Shares. (x10 split)
I actually just bought 666 more at 125.68 a share 7,636
It’s my lucky # :laughing: #nosatanist #lovejimmypagethough
@Toecutter and @Kenyon I hope you and your families are doing well. Once I catch up with life I’;ll show my face around these parts

EDIT: Just saw your post bro.
My 2 cents
Most regular folks could not buy a stock that trades at 1200 per and it’s very debatable doing so even if you could swing it, the split has downsides but it doesn’t impact my current holdings and opens up the stock to a whole massive pool of new investors. At $125 a share the volatility will be reduced on a per share and make moving in or out or being “short term” easier for many…which actually increases short term volitility (ignore me contradicting myself) but that is outweighed by growth long term and I’m not flipping this particular stock if it nosedives for 3 trading days. Over the next 12 months the per share value should double and if that is it’s ceiling in 4 years I still doubled my investment.
The shares I sold from other companies to fund this were underperforming and long term growth was questionable. This is more palatable to me…and my Wife…who is a big…really big fan of Nvidia



His song has some real words and some stuff e made up
They grow so …incredibly fast


Good times and they go by so fast glad your really taking in these moments.

I missed alot from my first because I was working so much.


Man, as my lady said he’s sooo cute… from me, damn he can put that food away :raised_hands: Kai…hopefully you’re feeling better too Chris? :+1:


I am bro, thanks :raised_hands:


HBB, you getting an Oracle 3?


I didn’t even know there was one until your post.
It is already listed. (just checked)
They have not mentioned and I won’t ask.
So maybe no :sweat_smile: