Bad Guy Good Audio Rankings and stuff (under construction) (Part 2)

No…dammit…I resisted and miss…ed :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I’ve been there many times…not rollin a big hand…playing the nickel slots

are they traded on the NIkkei exchange

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I’m not goin to heart your post because the outcome was not something to applaud …sorry my man

I still see it as a 400 stock…pretty soon…I would play a hand if I was you

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Ima talk to CFO tomorrow morning…my Wife :sweat_smile:


My wife :rofl:

It’s amazing how much of ‘a say’ they have…my wife always and I mean always has to interject

can’t count how many times she has saved me…and I don’t mean financially :smile:


" you know…if you can’t read you can’t read " :smile:


I wonder what the church lady …

err I mean the Honest Audiophile… is gonna think about this set


Hi Chris, some thanks where it is due:

Just got back from a very precious month in England with family.

I bought the Mele for my sister on launch. She’s loved it ever since then. I let her listen to a selection of IEMs I brought with me for the stay, varying tech and prices. Some she couldn’t even wear at all due to fit, some she didn’t like the sound of, some she liked. But the Mele is still her favorite.

I gave it a listen one morning, and sure enough it’s a class act.

So I’m delighted the shell fits her well when her ears are so particular, and thanks for creating something at that price point which is still sturdy and great sounding today.

Anything that makes her happy makes me happy too, she’s my youngest sister and I’ve always got on with her best. Next up is to get her some art supplies, I’m so impressed by what she does with what she already has.


I really liked the Mele, especially the tuning.


Man…that is dope. I appreciate the share. :heart:
Saying your sister has good taste would bias
So I’ll say she has excellent taste instead. She also has a very cool and kind brother :two_hearts:


@hawaiibadboy could you rank that 5 iems?

-Hype 4

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I have concur with @hawaiibadboy , the Letshuoer S08 is legit. The stock tips dulled the bass for me, but I put some Dunu S&S tips on and they went from good to great. The accessories are nice too, even if I am not using the stock tips. It is nice to have planar speed that isn’t right at the boundary of too bright for me, the P1 Max was the only other one.

If I only got one, I would spend the extra $20 and take the Aful Explorer over the S08, but they are close, and have a similar tuning philosophy, despite all the other differences.


Planar definitely going in the right direction interested to hear your thoughts on the TinHiFi DUDU in its balanced tuning.

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You mean the DUDU? (guessing this is autocorrect lol.)

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Auto Correct and I have a mutual love hate realationship LOL :laughing:


Think you need to share a bit more info on what your preferences are… Music. Bass. Treble etc

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Yeah, planar without boosted 2-8Khz is better for the tech my ears anyway.
I generally like the low pinna sets …not too low but a couple dB below bass peak.
I have explorer coming so I am interested in comparing so I won’t ask what you like better ahead of time


Hey HBB. Been a while since Xuan NV. Any upcoming collabs that you can tease? I’m generally curious to what you might have cooking next.


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@hawaiibadboy @domq422


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