Bad Guy Good Audio Rankings and stuff (under construction) (Part 2)

Now ain’t that cute, a non accountable government scamming the western world to fund their own private war…you couldn’t right this shit.

I still don’t get the connection where the scammers are Russian just because the app is?


Quarks DSP is a killer set :ok_hand: My favourite under $20 along with the ROSEFINCH. You should check out the Tanchjim Ola Bass - pretty much a Quarks DSP without the mid bass scoop and more stage air. My favourite budget set until the Olinas :slight_smile:


Please stop with this nosense! You can’t be serious!

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I love a good conspiracy theory :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but yep strangers things have happened.

Same man! Like for the covid stuff. But I doubt that russians need to scam people on telegram to earn money for the war. How much they can earn with this kind of scam? Can’t be real.


No Idea just my warped sense of irony that’s all lol.

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unfortunately even if they’ve scammed thousands that’s like nothing compared to the cost of a single tank so doubtful lol, I’d say it’s more likely to be a smaller group than anything like the fake call centers in India, lazy people taking advantage of the innocent and vulnerable to make a living.


Since scammer using Zelle and Paypal he most likely from US since Zelle looks like US only platform and Paypal completely blocked in Russia.

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Agreed. Quarks DSP is legit. Plays everything well but especially electronic and hip-hop.
Bass is there but lacks in physicality imo.
Great for the price. :fire:

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Allow me to try and explain


The Seller scams on headFi are not new and will infect here so pay attention

There is no “hacking” of accounts. That is time consuming and the hacked account victim can realize and alert headfi or whatever platform quickly and all is lost (for hacker)

This is scamming.
Scammers are, and have been trolling sites including Ebay/HeadFi etc

Create account on a site.
Spend a minimal amount of time creating a footprint on said site
Scour for accounts inactive for

  • Over 1 year (or more)
  • Has a trading history
  • Contact via platforms DM about buying their zombie account for $500
  • Attach a story related to unfortunate events and a need to sell off goods

If reported, at this stage the account soliciting will be terminated
If not…

*seller will agree and exchange login creds for payment
The password will be immediately changed locking OG owner out

  • payment via several methods will never go through
    *Seller can admit trying to sell account, being scammed and warn site (unlikely)

Scammer is NOT individual who will use account.
This info itself is sold
My YT channel was hacked and sold and repurposed in a few hours and abandoned.
The same is done with compromised seller accounts from ebay to headfi and soon HFG


My Xenns UP sujective sound impressions.

I love this IEM SO MUUUUCHH!




Xenns Top review… :slightly_smiling_face::cry::see_no_evil::melting_face:

Fibae 5

  • Single 10mm Dynamic Driver Sub-Low,
    dual BA Mid,
    single Planar High, single Planar Super High

So a DD BA Planar tribrid :notes: :astonished:


I was so excited untill I saw the 1K price tag :sob: Fabae 5 looks Fabulous 5

“Who’s Next” on Amazon music. Classic album, :heart_on_fire: :notes:
Is that girl real?

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That’s a photoshopped (or AI) of Jenna Ortega. The body and face do not go together. Jenna is the actress who plays Wednesday Addams in the Netflix series 'Wednesday". Quite a good series to be honest.

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