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Starfield keeps sinking down…

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Sinking from where :man_shrugging:…If you enjoy the set with your library then what others think doesn’t matter tbh :+1:


Yep. I had a pair of RHA MA750s which were the shit back in like 2015 and now where are they on people’s tier list? Nowhere. Does that make them bad? Nope.

The Starfields are still great IEMs and its rivals (Legacy 3s, FH3s, etc.) are just different flavours, not necessarily better or worse.


Yeah the time when Tyll dethroned the Shure SE215 with the MA750, those were the days

List was Chi-Fi only but after spending $20,000 on expensive stuff i add it as well.

Agreed. My library and constant influx of gear are variables that have to be considered as well as…it’s just opinion

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chifi still scares me…

if just because I want something easy that I know from my playlist I like… too warm just means the bass is super blurry but I do like a slight bump in bass

Expensive stuff that is giant V tunings like ODIN scare me :wink: QC is an issue in chifi for sure though.


At least it’s better controlled and more refined compared to previous EE flagships/higher end offerings lol

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What fearless is that? Looks dope with that plate though regardless. Still hoping they try single dd sometime/budget etc.

1DD 6 or 7 BA. Faceplate is stunning. Love the colors

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i want in the middle…

like the final E3000

not full chifi where you have to depend on quality control and stuff but still has my neutral enough but still emphasised in a V shape sound

I have E3 E5 and B1 waiting for time and vids.


L5 and Mofasest Trio

when it comes to headphones i mostly like a moderate V shape but also a lot of detail and nice clear feeling of it (basically give me bass but clean bass and some crystal treble)

Same. I really want what Hi Fidelity.