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Already!? They don’t quit

Just saw the Linsoul anouncement on that ^^ I wonder what it’ll be, please be a planar…!

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Wow, it’s your own brand?? Not a collab? Exciting!


Solid choice, but the correct answer is Oppoty
Congrats, Chris! :slight_smile:




Might be an interesting comparison?


how’s the bass performance on the snow edition compared to the chu… the chu i just felt didn’t have enough of the punch but maybe its because I’m used to putting like 10db bass shelf on my sundaras (though i did generally like the bass on the CRN so i am fine with less)… i was thinking about the aria because of this punch

It’s not a punchy set. It lacks bass. 1 EQ tweak could fix that (low bass shelf).
It has good SQ though and lacks the grain that Aria OG has.

might just have to wait for the dioko to come out or end up finally buying an olina

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It’s pretty hard to go wrong buying the Olina

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why not both


Personally I’d just grab an Olina (and filter mod it if you want). Tried both the Timeless and S12 and ended up returning both (bless Amazon). Planar timbre and it’s lightness is just not for me :man_shrugging: Olina also has better mids, imaging, and soundstage imo with same level of detail and clarity.

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Indeed. Love Amazon. Glad i don’t work for em though. During pandemic those folks didn’t even have time to use a toilet


Noble Audio Kublai Khan Frequency response graph


You are probably talking about mid bass, because Chu has better sub bass than CRN.
If you liked CRN maybe consider Dioko

Yeah I think it’s the midbass

Using a pretty bassy song with Billie Eilish’s bury a friend the bass thumps don’t really have that claustrophobic feeling, it’s very clear but even the super bassy stuff like three fh3 still feels clear in vocals despite having the tense bass kicks in full power… also the fact that the chus bass feels extended but not truly effective, like it is doing the bass but it didn’t feel as well done as the song would want.

Giving an example of what I want… though the bass wasn’t the best part of the crn too and more was the clarity and timbre (that 5db bass eq crin offered really helped)