Bad news for Sennheiser fan‘s

Bad news for Sennheiser fans.
Sennheiser is looking for an investor and at the same time does not want to produce any more consumer products. Mainly the headphone division is to be completely discontinued when the investor has been found.
According to the press release, the reorientation will be more towards professional technology with Neuman and a new investor, who will then provide more sound for concerts and so on…

There will certainly be some Sennheiser products left out.
Headphones,Pc Headset,In ears

So if you have always flirted with Sennheiser headphones, you should get them soon.
Because it is very likely that production will be discontinued very quickly.
Presumably the famous Hd6xx and Hd58xx will then also be dropped.

How quickly they will find an investor is questionable.

So where are you getting your info from? :thinking:

Senn put out a statement directly on their newsroom. You can read it here.

From them:

Sennheiser plans to focus on its Professional business in future and aims to secure a partnership to strengthen its market position in Consumer Electronics. With this decision, Sennheiser is consistently continuing on its course to build greater independence for its business units.

This style of business decision is merely to put out a feeler to see if companies are interested. If a company is, to what Senn is saying, they’re open to a partnership to grow their consumer products.

It seems that Senn is wanting to seek a partnership to off load some work from their consumer lines (whatever those are) and then focus more on more professional and business applications. Which, honestly, sounds like a good move because they’ve been lacking in widespread popularity.

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I’m too slow… but yea that’s what I got from reading the press release too.

There’s too much potential profit in the consumer end of things for them to just drop it.

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I was SHITTING PANTS VIGOROUSLY when I first read what OP wrote…

First AKG, now Senn. The old kings are dying…

Don’t get me wrong, if I were a manufacturer and wanted to change, I wouldn’t want to give away all the information.
Because I still want people to buy my products, which is only logical.
From a German source it was mentioned that they want to discontinue the headphone range.
Because Sennheiser has a hard time to compete with Apple and Co. which is understandable.
Out of 100 people, most go for Apple Samsung and cheap products.
The Momentum 2 are not exactly a hit either.
And like every manufacturer, not everything they produce is good.
Apart from that, developing something new always costs money.

with Drop’s release of the HD8xx…I wonder if that’s an opening for Drop to take over, since they’ve pretty much usurped a big portion of their consumer audio product range with their tweaked versions. LoL!


In a world of disinformation and distrust, can we at least offer HARD evidence of claims?

Here is a link since you want to sell the consumer division or prefer a partnership.

So it could be that you continue or contribute something, or you sell completely, in which case there’s nothing left.

And through Corona you also had losses and plan to remove jobs.
Which affects almost every company at the moment.
But nothing is fixed yet and a lot is not certain.

And of course, many articles now claim that the headphone sector will disappear altogether.

Nowhere in this article does it state that they might discontinue their headphone line. In fact, this article is just rehashing what the press release said.

You can keep saying all your outlandish rumors and speculation and say “many articles say this” but that does not mean that’s true.

I could say, “many people say the Covid-19 vaccine makes people deaf and their ears fall off” but that does not mean it’s true.

Let’s bring some actual truth to this world of lies:

Over half of Sennheiser’s business is made up of their Consumer products, about 52%.

In 2019, they saw a 6.5% increase in sales overall, amounting to €756 million, that’s $913 million USD.

2020 has been hard for every company in the world. We’re in an economic recession, that’s to be suspected. Jobs are being lost, companies are rethinking business strategies.

With what’s going on, it would be CATASTROPHICALLY STUPID for Sennheiser to pull out of the consumer market entirely due to a little shake up from Covid-19. That would be like cutting half their fucking business apart. It would be very smart for them to seek partnership to help develop their Consumer line up to grow it.


I think it’s safe to say with Covid-19 bringing an increase in consumer spending in lue of going out due to people staying at home more often, many consumer businesses aren’t bleeding as much as we think.

Sennheiser has been on the rise in the Consumer market, especially in Asia where they’ve seen the greatest rise of over 10%. It would be worthwhile for Senn to find a Chinese company to partner with to open up new business strategies.

And no, this doesn’t mean companies like Hifiman would be an open candidate. Most likely some investment company that no one has ever heard of will take the offer and use their connections to develop marketing strategies.

The fact is, major corporations often use partnerships in certain sectors while retaining their ownership to help grow these sectors.

One case is like that of Fostex, who were focused on producing audio equipment and parts for other makers (Apple earbuds, I believe, have Fostex-manufactured drivers in them). They saw the consumer market growing, so they pitched their own hand into the mix. Now Fostex has invested in their consumer line up with partnerships and manufacturing to create a wider consumer appeal. You can even say partnerships like Fostex and Dekoni opened up new avenues–Dekoni created the product, Fostex manufactures it.

Very, very true!
It was the push that got me into this hobby!

2020 (and 2021 likely) was the best year for hi-fi companies. They can’t produce gear fast enough to meet demand. A lot of them actually had to go on hiring sprees halfway through 2020.


Jude from Head-Fi had a talk with Sennheiser asking about the current situation. Here’s the post