Basshead IEM recs

Me either, that’s why I need you to be the guinea pig and report back! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m actually looking for bass cannons myself in the ~$500’ish range. I’m looking at Campfire Audio Polaris V2, Empire Ears Bravado, Noble Audio M3, and actually considering the Xelento ($800-1000). Haven’t really explored the $200-500 range, but I’m going to look tonight. I’ll report back if I find some thangs and reviews that might help us.

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awesome for sure interested in anything you can find. I was not initially sure what i was looking in for sound but the more stuff i try the more i feel I lean towards the basshead end of things

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I think your baseline should be the iBasso IT03 like M0N mentioned. I’m actually considering it as well and may just bypass the $500 offerings, but I’ll have to check out all of the options. Others to consider as well is the ISN H40’s and the DUNU DK-2001’s.

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I’m about to get some Fiio FH1s(new model) and will be testing the bass on that massive dynamic… will post an update later in the weekend.

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I’m so curious to test those out, but I already have the JadeAudio EA3’s with the same driver configuration. FH1s have a slight bump in the mid range, better cable, and a nicer case. The presentation of the box and accessories from Z’s unboxing was actually surreal considering they’re $70. Who packs that much goodness into a $70 IEM??? Good job Fiio!

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Fearless ACME8 if you want boom and slam for big :dollar:

Yea I bought them due to the tuning is supposed to be better etc., but the features are cool too. If you want you can try to take the inner port to increase the bass even more per a review on Amazon so may be something to look at, I got tons of micropore tape so I will experiment. Edit: btw they are 60 on Amazon. The jade are running 50 there too.

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I own those, if bass is what you’re looking for you can be sure these got plenty of it. I’ll be keeping them in my collection. I don’t like them much for genres where bass is not a priority though, which is fair enough for the price.

I wanted someting better than my old Denon AH-H360 with my new phone (samsung galaxy s10 Plus) i more noticed how bad the bass is even when i used the eq and the highs aren’t that good, surprise since i had them for many years and thoughgt the sound good (last 2 phones befor my samsung was sony).

I considered Sony MDR-EX650AP but the review site said it found say they can have some problems with the highs being piercing.

The Sony MDR-XB50AP gets good reviews, costs almost the same price, good bass, i for shure do expect it to play edm and something like echoes and shine on you cray diamond pt 1-7 (pink floyd) with the right amount of deep bass (hz not so much how loud it is).

They are also so inexpensive that i could try the Sony MDR-EX650AP or just buy a pair of soundMAGIC E10C if i don’t like the sony i bought (getting them monday).

Denon AC-H360 get’s avarage reviews, so i hope even the a pair of €30 sony’s would sound better (was surpised the akg that came with my phone sounds really good but comfort,fit wasn’t as good, then i noticed how my denons sounded and had to upgrade)

Those in ear monitors i also considered but i didn’t want to pay as much 50-60 euros

Look at how high they rate the bass, those are definitely and upgrade to the sony’s i bought, even the bass should be an upgrade

After looking at the it03 a bunch I actually ordered some this morning. Can’t wait to try them. These h40s look really interesting too. I don’t currently have anything with a wide sound stage. Appreciate all the recs. There’s so many iem brands I’m not familiar with


Curious on your thoughts :+1:

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NICE! I bought some Empire Ears Bravado’s this morning since there was a V-Day coupon code. Now the wait and anticipation!

That’s a pretty nice iem, curious to see what you think about it :+1:

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Look at the CA Polaris 2, they have a serious bass.

All the fancy marketing jargon regarding the crossover got me. I was thinking about pulling the trigger on the Polaris 2, but luckily the Empire Ears coupon got the Bravados down to the same price. synX crossovering my fingers it’s a good one for me!

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I was actually reading another thread people were talking about these. They look really nice. I wasn’t really planning on having an IEM collection like my headphones, but I’m sure the people on this forum know how that goes lol.


Chocolate Bear, You have the FH7s too don’t you? Lol if you get the Polaris 2, id love to hear your opinion on if it’s worth owning both as they’re complimentary or if its semi redundant. Pull the plug for the good of the group :joy::joy::joy:

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I just ordered the FH7s. I planned to, but not so soon, so thanks jerks


I was ready to buy the Polaris 2 this weekend, but ended up buying the Empire Ears Bravado since it was the same price. It’s normally $599, but the coupon got it down too $509 with shipping. I’m hoping I’m taking a small step up from my FH7, but I’m not too sure. I’ll report back once I spend some time and a/b’ing with the Fiio.