Basshead IEM recs

Off the top of my head i can think of a few Basshead headphones argons, purplehearts, retros, x2s. Does this category exist for IEMs? I understand it may be significantly more difficult to get good low end in a much smaller package but i don’t see it come up much at all for IEMs. Quick google search doesn’t yield too many results and none from a recent audiophile perspective. There was a list from bggar from like 2015, which i would think is pretty outdated with the boom of chifi quality. Any good IEMs that scratch the basshead itch? for me personally under 300 but also curious about the category across any price range

There are def some basshead iems. One I like in that price range would be the ibasso it03, although there are many others for sure


The Ikko OH10 has some pretty decent bass performance, too.


I’ve not familiar with the it03 I’ll have to take a look.

actually I’ve been looking at the oh10’s just generally because people seem to like them.

Thanks for the recs guys was just curious about the subject because i couldn’t find a go to recs like the argons and purplehearts in the IEM world

Oh10s are very enjoyable as well, I happen to own both the oh10 and it03, the it03 has bigger bass impact and extension, and is also more intimate. The oh10 has a bit more relaxed, rounded, and wider sound. Both are fairly v shaped and pretty enjoyable. I personally find the 03 way more comfortable but it’s just the weight of the oh10 that bothers me

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I added Dekoni tips to my OH10. That smoothed out their performance overall, IMO. Also, the stock wire on the OH10 feels nice when you take it out of the box, but it tangles worse than a ball of yarn. I don’t notice the weight so much, though.

Look at this review those IEM are super cheap, sounds good (not high end just good) and the bass can be insame, 106db sensitive and 100mw max power

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I would personally probably be swapping any cable for a balanced one but good to know. are you using the mecury or gemini tips? currently i have the blon-03 with newbee tips havent tried to many of the various tips. I’m pretty happy with the newbees not in love with the blons but they’re fine for what they are.

@M0N would you suggest a cable/tip swap for the it03s?

The tips that come with it are pretty good actually, but the cable is just ok, but it def is livable

interesting, certainly not opposed to budget options. I love the monoprice retros even after hearing higher end cans

Mercury. I could be wrong but my recollection was the Gemini was for a different diameter opening.

ah yeah that does look to be the difference. size in mm

I just picked up a pair of Campfire Atlas (es?) and they are pretty widely considered to be bass cannons. I’d say they are definitely overpriced at $1300, but they are really worth a look if you catch them on sale like I did.

Quick thoughts on them: I’ve never had a harder time finding the right tips that worked for me, and I’m still not 100% sure I’ve settled on the final choice. They came preinstalled with foam tips, but I don’t think they are the best match. I ended up with one of the wider bore silicones and I think that’s the sound they were going for. The foams are ok, but very veiled, and the narrow bore silicones make the bass a little absurd. I think people who call these bass cannons are probably using these tips, and they are probably ok, but when I get the right seal these sound like Andromedas with the bass of my Fostex Ebonies. It’s awesome when it’s working, but that seal is tricky to keep so I’m still working out a comfort solution. I’m used to iems being bright, and these keep that Andromeda treble sparkle while adding a nice refined bass. It’s pretty unique, but I admittedly haven’t seen nearly as many iems as headphones

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seal with iems and earbuds has always been tricky for me. Part of why i hadn’t really considered IEMs but now there seems to be a good amount of 3rd party options its just a matter of finding the perfect fit and sound. In the tip section someone suggested using the radian custom earplugs to make a tip. I got them off amazon for like 10 bucks and plan to experiment with my blons. Mostly just for fun but curious to see how that stacks up to the newbee tips i’ve been using

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are the it03 power hungry? eventually i’d be running them on a btr5 but that’s coming from china so it’s probably a few weeks out.

Yes and no, but they do run just fine off of the btr5 no problem

but too much for directly plugging into a phone 3.5mm?

They are fairly sensitive and also low impedance, so they might not sound correct on a phone

Just get Beyer Xelento’s! Cause, eff it!

i have never heard of a remote tesla lol

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