Best albums of the year

This year’s album i’ve been enjoying the most is for sure africa speaks by Santana. Whats yours?

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Some of my favorites so far.


The Plugs I Met is so great.

See, before I knew an A&R, I was weighin’ hard
Back when Nicki Minaj was in a trainin’ bra
You play this game, you better play hard
The judge’ll give you life and later that day, he gon’ be playin’ golf
I’m from that era, we don’t pay it if you weighed it wrong
Back when your parents got your baby shoes plated bronze
We took hip-hop and made it ours
I sold quarters, just so happens I’m the author of your favorite songs
They bullshitted me, I played along
More bars then them niggas who got hit with the Reagan laws

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Those are some of my favorites so far.

Totally left of Jim Jones and Emotional Oranges!!
Jim Jones best album yet!
I’m going to see Emotional Oranges on Oct 1st in Brooklyn and then Oct 2nd in Philly!

Yes! One of the hardest verses of the year. That album has so many quotables.

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All good brother! You definitely dropped some
Heat! And I agree! I loved Wasted Talent but this album is different. SUPER TOUGH!!! I’m definitely jealous of you getting to see Emotional Oranges! That’s gonna be a dope concert! I know they’ve gotta he awesome, live!

When the 30th of this month rears its head… the best album of the year will be released… and champagne will rain from the heavens and the planets will align.

Oh How could I forget about IGOR? such a great album

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Honestly Igor and flower boy are going to be clsssics (if they aren’t already)

I implore you to not get too hyped for music before they come out personally been hurt too many times recently starting with HUMANZ from the gorillaz and now I LOVE MY WIFE from chance the rapper

Oof, how do you feel about “the big day”? Because man I was disappointed

honestly lost all hgope for chance to realease a good album. gave me hope last year as I really liked all the singles he realeased last year. and I put them all together to make myself basically an EP adn was hoping he was going to keep that level of competance but I guess I can’t have that

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If the new tool album is shit… it will be the first one for me… this is my preference for “most anticipated” though… and will most likely be listened to over and over… 0_o

I mean good on ya some albums also get better with more listens. IGOR for example. was a grower for me. I was itnitially disapointed but gave it more listens and sis mnow one of my favorite modern hip hop albums and basically all of MF dooms almbums until after Born like this are all growers. IMO hasn’t really realeased a good album since Born like this.

I am pretty hyuped for a BRockhampton album later this year they haven’t realeased a bad album yet. all top quality stuff except for ALL american trash I wouldn’t care if that disappeared. but REleasing SAturation 1 ,2 , and 3 all in the same year is a great feat