Best car power amps you have tried?

Any specific power amps you have tried in your build that are pretty solid?

I have a pair of crown d-75 there a class a a/b amp from the late 70s. used you can get them for 150$ each.

Ah I should have specified, these are some test posts for the Car Audio category, my bad

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Still have it. Probably biased because of it. Kicker kx2500.1

Made over rated power and lasted me years at above 150db. Daily driven spl car.

Oh for sound quality gear I am currently running zapco amps. They have networking built in so you can connect a few then tune via software. The software is a bit poo but the amps are very clean.

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Adcom 4404 was the best I had ever used.
ADS PH 15.2 was nice also, I had several Zapco Studio series that were great.
My first really good amp was an Xtant 3150c

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It’s been a long while, I used The Orion HCCA series on several builds, pushed the hell out of them in 2 and 1 ohm loads.
My personal favorites were the HiFonics series VII amps for brute power, I would cram Boltar and Zues amps into systems and then run ADS brick amps into all the mids and highs.


I really liked the hcca subs, pretty sweet

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Yep, the HCCA subs were and still are great, I have used JL audio, Orion, Redline, Cerwin-Vega, and others, Ugh I 'm starting to forget stuff, It’s been many years. Last year I started looking up car stereo manufacturers and was pleasantly surprised to see so many quality new players on the scene along with many old war dogs still going strong. I wish ADS were still around though, their amps were some of my favorites. Very versatile and never managed to blow one up or have one let me down :muscle:

I use to have a Alpine MRD-F752 V12 5 channel Class T amp, used it to run 4 Alpine speakers and a 12" sub, was a great amp.

Best car amps I had were the Zapco competition Z series if I remember they were white.

DLS Reference series was nice, AB class pleasure and power.