Best closed back gaming+music headphones for under $200?

Hello! I have made a bunch of posts on reddit already I just want to make sure I have the best option for this price point. I am currently set on the Meze 99 Neos and I plan on adding the Brainwavz PL/Velour hybrid pads to bring down the bass a little. I just want to make sure that there isn’t a better pair of headphones that I haven’t heard of before. I also want to know if the Custom One Studios/Pros would be better than the 99 Neos. I do not need a wide sound stage but I do need good imaging. Thanks!

Would you consider maybe getting a nice pair iem? If not i just found these headphones the audio-technica ath-m50x they’re on Amazon for 132 bucks and on prime.

Maybe they would do the trick! Best of luck!

they lack soundstage and certainly lack imagin not they are not very good

check out the dt 770’s they are comfy anve a wide soundstage and some of the strongest imagin at this price point

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After making yet another reddit post a common recommendation was the custom one studios. I am considering these because they are based on the DT-770s but they have a more flat sound. I am having trouble finding reviews for these cans due to their ambiguous name but I have heard that they are pretty good. Do you have an opinion on these?

I currently have the M50Xs and I would not recommend them. I picked them up for $30 on craigslist about a year ago and I have been having issues with the V shaped sound signature and how sibilant they are. The headphones also sound very different on all of my devices even when properly powered.

custom one pros are really good I have no major issues on them they even have a better build quality with the detachable cable. and you can play with how heavy you want the bass to be with the bass ports. my only real issue with them is they loose the quality that makes the a beyer headphone which is the beyer treble which I personally really enjoy. but you do gain some midrange over the dt 770.

What would you say is better for gaming aka sound stage and imaging between the 2

Personally I think the DT 770 has slightly better sound stage and The treble is slightly better for listening to footsteps but the bass could get in the way so being able to control the bass response could help from the custom one pros. Honestly neither is great for gaming it’s basically a toss up at this point

What would you say is a good closed back gaming set of headphones for around or under 300?

I would say the DT DT 770 is the best until you get to something like the audeze Mobius which is a headset with so much tech in it that the virtual suround is really cool or the m1060c. If you were to ask me about open backs then I could give you more

My gaming cans are DT770s plus a modmike. They work well for me.

I have the Dt 770 pro in 32 ohm version,and test him off all you want, Gaming ,Music,Tv.I find the treble are a little bit to high.For Gaming ist good by Shooter games.But i think you can get better.
Take a look of Dt 880 or 990.Or take a look on the Massdrop Homepage.Perhaps you find a nother one who is a little bit better.Or better in the balance.Too high in the trebles i find is not so good for the ears when you makes a long Session.
The gives other Headphone from Fostex,Sennheiser,Hifiman in this price class who have a better adjustable Soundstage.

What dt 770? There is a lot of different pairs. I have the FX-Audio Dac-X6 so should be able to run even the 250 ohms I think

yep the dac x6 is perfect for it especially at high gain

what do you guys have to say about Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro as it been recommended by this website.

but before purchasing i wanna have some real reviews.

Here is the thread in these forums for the DT 770:

Based on my time with them as a user myself, I like them: I use them for their passive isolation when others are around me and they do their job keeping my music to myself quite admirably, and with their durable construction/sturdy feeling is as described I have no issues with the build quality apart from the cable being nondetachable unless you mod it yourself. From the website you linked, there is not really any meaningful details on the sound quality itself, and the discussions on sound quality for the other entries don’t seem all that reputable either. To my ears, they are objectively V-shaped (bass/treble emphasis, bit hollow in the mids/vocal ranges imo) with decent detail, adequate soundstage/width (for a closed back). They are the best closed backs I’ve used for under $200 with a more consumer-oriented sound signature, I prefer them over the M50x with similar sentiments as others have stated above. However, they aren’t my cup of tea for their specific sound characteristics as I usually roll with something more mid-focused like my HD58x. The DT 770 thread I linked also has more discussion on the various iterations of it with different impedance levels.