Best closed back

So im looking at three closed back headphones ath-awas, denon 9200 and fostex 900 mk II.
I want the most open sounding of them whit a good bass and not to dark. Any advice good people?

So out of the three only? What amp and dac would you be powering them with, and would they have to be portable? What music would you be listening to and what sound signature are you after

I was gona use the mojo to start since they are not that power hungry then try my way in to the world of tubes.

I listen to most music but no metal ore jazz

Sounds like a plan. Regarding the tube aspect from my experience really none of the headphones mentioned really tube well, an otl is off the table, and while a transformer coupled amp might work well enough I would prefer solid state for the headphones listed. If you did want a closed back that works very well with tubes, the zmf eikon is really great pick

So regarding the headphones mentioned, the 900 mk2 focuses on treble and bass detail, impact, speed and is also pretty organic. Very close sounding but lots of depth to be had, really nice headphones, but not the best all rounder if you wanted something a bit more neutral or relaxed

The d9200 takes the technicalities of the 900 mk2 and tones down the fun a bit and also is a bit more neutral, capable headphone for sure, also very nice choice

The awas is actually a bit more intimate and relaxed headphone, slightly warmer, not the best at soundstage but detail is quite impressive, lighter sound, very refined overall

Regarding the eikon this is more in the vein of the 900 mk2 and 9200 but a bit warmer and more fun tuned, also larger soundstage but not as much depth, similar detail.

I would say the focal stellia was a pretty open sounding closed back, very resolving and dynamic, unique spatial recreation, the signature is fun tuned but sometimes can feel incorrect or almost like unrefined at times (my main gripe with them, but some love the signature)

Something else to consider would be the aeon 2 imo, it’s a balanced slightly v shaped planar that’s got an agreeable sound overall that’s capable and also comfortable, but I wouldn’t say it sounds as open as other options

Edit: also a sony MDR-Z1R is also really sweet for something with a more fun sound with great space, lots of extension and impact, and a more forgiving sound, although polarizing signature


Okey i got alot more to think about and more phones to ceck out i guess. Thanks for the response mon!

so about the AWAS do they have a good bass ore are they vary light in that area?

Do you plan to use your headphones with no amp at all like just straight away? Also it depends on the budget you have for I can only think about things that are in my reach in terms of budget closed backs that are good. But I do wish you luck to get the headphones that you want.

So compared to the other options yes imo I would call it a bit lighter in impact and prominence

So i like the idea of the zmf ones i was thinking of an tube amp for up to 600-700$

That’s a good budget range. You have many good options. If you wanted something warmer, smoother, more relaxed, the feliks expressivo mk2 or echo are very solid choices with the eikon. For something more neutral, open, but still sweet sounding, the hagerman tuba is a great pick, and also it’s going to be more compatible with other headphones whereas the Feliks won’t work well with most low impedance headphones. For something a bit more fun and lively tuned, if you don’t mind building it yourself the bottlehead crack + speedball is quite good and very fun with the eikon imo

Btw do the sonys work well whit tubes?

Hmmmm typically no from my experience, they get too flabby and the signature didn’t sound right

Alright thanks then eikon is the one probebly!
One thing is it good whit vocals i listen to alot of 50-60 rock

Eikons for best closed back.

Will the sound change in the eikon depending on what wood is used?

Yes it will, but not to a super large extent imo, generally just go for the wood you like the most

You’ll get considerably more change from different pads than you will from different woods.

Yes, and regarding pads I would highly suggest using them with the stock lambskin eikon pads, I can’t really say the other pads outside of the auteur pads were worthwhile (and the perforated or suede aren’t good on it either imo)

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I went the stock lambskin pad route, I see a lot of people ordering their with the Ori pads, enough that I get the feeling that someone reviewed and recommended them that way.