Best closed gaming headset

So at the moment I have the AKG K712 pro with modmic 5 and a sound blasterx g5 amp/dac.
I know the amp/dac is not the best etc. but it does the job and will get a new one when needed.
I love my akg k712 pro but I recently moved and now I game and listen to music in the living room where there is to much noise around me, so I wanne buy a closed back headphone so I can concentrate on what I’m listening to and don’t hear my suroundings.

For me the most important thing is that I can not hear my suroundings, and after that a good gaming experience that comes close to what the k712 pro can offer me.
I have a modmic 5 so a mic is not necessary but a nice option, so I don’t have to switch the modmic from my akg to the other all the time.

I saw a lot of reviews of Zeos and I’m thinking of following headphones:

  • beyerdynamic dt770 pro
  • beyerdynamic mmx300 gen2
  • Cooler Master MH751 - 752
  • Audio-Technica ATH-M40x

Or what is the best noise isolating gaming headphones there is?

I think that the mmx300 gen 2 is better than the m40x or mh751 for isolation and gaming performance

You could also consider something like the dt177x go as a good closed option.

Another option that might be interesting would be the mrspeakers ether cx

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Oke atm. my first pick would be the mmx300, but they are rater expensive. Don’t wanne go over 300euro.
But I like the mmx300 because of the build in mic and that they are closed back.

I live in Belgium so massdrop is not an option.

Ah, thanks for the info. In that case, the dt770 pro 250 ohm might be the best option for what you are looking for

well I can buy all the mentioned headphones and don’t mind to pay more if it’s worth it.
But if the dt770 pro 250ohm is about the same (most people say it isn’t) as the mxx300 except for the mic than that is a better option for me because it is cheaper and I have a modmic.

But if the mx300 is a lot better in sound quality than I will go for that, because I like it that I can just pick them up and plug them in and have a mic as well. I don’t need to take of my modmic of my akg’s.

I think they are very similar technical performance wise, but just with a different tuning. I don’t think the mmx300 is significantly better than the 770 250 ohm

I had the mmx300 1st gen and dt770 250 ohm. I will say if you want them for competitive gaming and not fun, get the dt770 250 ohm. The mmx300 sound more balance have a little more booming to the bass and mids sound a little fuller but they lack the treble that’s brings pinpoint accuracy of the dt770. The treble on the dt770 can be hot the first time you used them and can be while you adapt to them.

For music and fun gaming the mmx300 its a little better. Explosion sound fuller. Both have subbass but the mmx300 game more.

I will agree with the other comments around the internet. The dt770 250 ohm sounds more refined and tight.

One personal preference to make me pick the dt770 250ohm over the mmx300 was the clean background. As I write somewhere the dt770 it’s like a white blackground with sparkles coming at you. The bass sounds extremely clean and stands out in the white blackground but it’s not boosted as other comercial headphones.
As an extra of all the headphones i had(mostly mid do). The dt770 its the only one I can hear some sort of nuisance on the music. Try the opening of the anime “those how hunt elves” I don’t remember the name of the song. But a t the very beginning there is a sound coming from the right. All other headphone I have to focus very hard to hear it, with the dt770 no. Right now I am using the k712 it can reproduce it but because it’s an open back it’s really hard.


well I want them for first person shooters at the first place, but also good overall sound quality is welcome.
But if you say that the overal sound between the mmx300 and dt770 pro is the same but the dt770 is better for fps games, then I will take them because they are a lot cheaper…

But the most important thing is noise isolation for me! I wanne buy Dekoni Audio Choice Leather Ear Pads for a little more comfort and hope it will help for noise isolation.

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Yes, that would work great with the 770. Just make sure to get the 770 250 ohm edition (as thats the better version imo)

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Yes i can solidate was Bjorn_asselman say.
In many German forum all say the Mmx 300 is just a Dt 770 with a Mic on it.
When you can live with the Mod mic.And Z rewiew has repported of one of his videos about Gaming.Is the best and cheap way to get happy with it.

Is better as the plastic Gamingheadset who do you overall see in the Market.
How many Ohm you need is depend.
When you have a Dac who can drive 250 ohm is it okay.

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wonderfull! I’m more and more going towards the dt770 pro 250ohm.

But is this the best noise isolationg closed back headphones for the money for gaming and sound quality?

Yes.But take a look for a Dac who can run with it.They are better for you and the Phone.

I think so, with their big cups and good clamp with the pads, they do isolate a fair bit. It’s not going to be noise canceling level, but you can really only get that with noise cancelling headphones or some IEMs

I have a sound blasterx g5, not the best dac/amp but it is capable to drive headphones up to 600ohm.

You should be fine with the soundcard, but in the future you could benefit from a dedicated dac/amp, but I don’t think it’s necessary

Sure, it better as nothing.:blush:
Try it when is suffisant for you.

oke I’m getting the dt770pro 250ohm version with dekoni pads.

I was just wondering which dac/amp would be the best for gaming?
atm I have the modmic5 but maybe getting the wireless version so mic input is not necessary.

Also regarding the pads, I would try the stock pads first to see if they work for you before spending extra money on the dekoni pads

For an amp dac, I think you could stick with your modmic if you went for a schiit hel as it’s a compact dac/amp with a mic in and nice sound, but personally for that price I would recommend a behringer um2 and a liquid spark amp. You would also have to get the antlion xlr adapter, but I think this setup would yield better sound quality for both the mic and the headphones compared to the hel