Best headphones at 200$ or less for "serious gamers"?

I have a list over the ones I consider buying. And my question is really, of the ones listed, which gives the best imaging and other factors that benefit gaming?

Shure SRH840
Beyer-Dynamic DT770 32ohm, 80ohm, 250ohm.
Yamaha HPH-MT5
Sennheiser HD280pro

I currently own Sony mdr-7506, so if there are things which makes the other headphones superior please state why, that would be great.

If there are some other headphones that you deem better for the purpose of gaming please post them.
Criteria: Have to be closed, and does not require an amp. 200$ or less.

I know the dt770 250ohm headphones requires an amp, but I would like to know if there is a difference between the versions that makes one better than another for gaming.

Well if you can’t have an amp, which honestly I really recommend, then I think a good option would be the Cooler Master MH751/MH752. Closed back, comfortable, does not require an amp, and has a detachable microphone if you want that.

The Drop X SENNHEISER PC37X GAMING HEADSET is on sale for 100$

Those leak quite a lot from what I have read, and they are open back. @KazoKir wants closed back with less leakage. That’s why I said the Cooler Master. Better usage fit.

oh wow they are. i dont see any vents or anything. oh well NVM! lol

Yeah it is kind of weird looking. One reason why I tend to recommend the Cooler Master over it just for how big and clunky they are in comparison.

Audeze Mobius B Stock is on sale for $229 at Adorama down from $399, this could be a solid closed back option since it’s Planar and will have good detail retrieval especially for the price

They also have blue color in stock for the same price.

The DT 770 250 ohm just is the best tuned and best imaging out of the other versions but it’s not too hard to drive you can try your motherboard first but if you need more power something like a fx audio dac x6 should be enough

Mobius suffer from hardcore latency issues hyper x has made their own Mobius in collab with audeze which should have taken care of the problem

Since all the other cans suggested would be run wired wouldn’t Mobius be a wired equivalent there? Wireless would be value added, if latency is poor could still work for music. But at $229 I think quality wise this can could easily beat out most of the rec’s here unless there are other flaws I’m still not aware of :smiley:

Personally I don’t think so, I still think the Cooler Master are better for the application.
If you want, you can grab a tiny bluetooth amp and plug it into the wire of the headphones so you can still use bluetooth. Something like a Shanling UP4, Earstudio ES100, or Fiio BTR5 would be great, and you would still be under budget.

While I love my Cooler Master MH-752, keep in mind that the build quality is a bit poor. Most people seem to have an issue with the right side coming loose. Mine is slowly getting there and now the right side earcup can spin 360 degrees. They still work though and it’s fine when it’s worn. But it’s still poor build quality nonetheless. I will likely send it back for a warranty replacement at some point, but I think I still have a year or so until then.

That’s pretty surprising, Cooler Master beats out a budget level planar. I guess I really need to hear the Cooler Master cans!

I would personally say sound quality wise the audeze/hyper x are a higher tier of headphone than the cooler masters

the mobius soubds great wireless wired not so much. the dt 770 definitely beat it in wired performance and the gimmick is cool but not that useful in gaming. content consumption is great though gaming its a cool thing to turn your head and the sound cues move but its sometimes can be glitchy probably fixed by now but most f the time since your looking at the screen in competitive games it leterally doesnt matter especially in competitive, in competitive better to keep things simple

I think you can get it without the head tracking so that’s cool, for a pretty good price too

and forgot to mention the slightest bit of latency is detrimental in “serious Gaming” while good for music makes it awful for competitive games

Pretty much yeah, ideally you really want a wired connection with no dsp whatsoever

you can turn off the headtracking but with=out it they become very average headphones for gaming in terms of imaging

Yeah they do preform well for music though, I was just pointing out that I think they are a bit better for music than the cooler master imo, not saying its the best pick for this situation