Best Headphones with a wide soundstage

I’ve had plenty of headphones that are analytical but which ones would you consider or recommend that give a board sound stage ie ‘speaker esque’ max $800-1000 ie GBP equivalent hopefully less​:grimacing: …Dac and Amps sorted :+1:

If you are willing to buy used, you should be able to find a Sennheiser HD800 S. It can’t be beaten for soundstage or analytics.

If you don’t want that, a Beyerdynamic DT 1990 would be a good and cheaper option.

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I find the ATH ad series to have the widest sounding soundstage due to their airy nature



I have find my setup with the Fostex Th x00 Mahgony from Massdrop, with a lawton Mod Stage 1.DIY mod and Pads.In all okay 500$.I don‘t now what for Dac and amp you have but with the right setup you can push it.
With a Schiit Loki and Schiit Magni you can push your Headphone in the right way who you would. The Dac is your choise who you would use.
When you have an RCA output on your Dac with two Schiit components can give you more possiblity. You would more Base, treble or Midrange with the Loki alone give you what you would. But the Loki have no Headphone output, you must it need to connected on an Amp.And the Magni 3 is a good not expensiv powerful amp.Not the Headphone alone give you all.The Headphone give you a way who you go.
I have for exaple connected my Fostex Th x00 on a Fostex Hp A3 and Matrix Audio Dac. But i missing something. One Amp god treble and midrange but the Base not powerful.I connected the Loki and Magni 3 and the Soundstage struggeling in the right way who i would.I love it.I would not missed it.

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He is looking for a wide soundstage. Not sure a closed back headphone is going to help him :slight_smile:

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I’ve also heard the Argons are known for their amazing sound stage.

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The thing with Argons is, they have an amazing soundstage for a closed back or near closed back headphone. However, comparing an Argon to something like the 800 S or 1990, and you will think it sounds intimate.

Personally I’ve never listened to the Argons. I’ve never been that interested in sound stage personally, I’m a detail freak. But I’ve heard that Argons have some of the widest sound stage. Thanks for the clarity.

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People are saying argons, but z has gone on record saying the vokyls sound wider still and have more accurate staging (so sounds can be both intimate and wide depending on the mix).


any additional thoughts to this topic? It’s been a while

Or rather, here’s a challenge: list best-soundstage-headphones that are available outside the US? It’s so tempting to buy the Argons, but getting them into the EU is way too expensive

Used HD800s lol? That would fall on there. Possibly a used focal clear would work too. Audioquest nighthawks have an interesting soundstage.

I was hoping for something more recent. Or maybe not recent, just that all of the headphones you listed have REALLY mixed and contradicting reviews (even on soundstage, and not just by Zeos), plus they’re super expensive

Lol yeah, that’s true. Soundstage is just hard to describe and define, so there tends to be not really as much consensus on it. A safe pick with large soundstage would be the dt1990 imo. And if you wanted something more budget, the dt880 600 ohm might be up your alley. I feel that it has generally agreeably good soundstage

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Yeah, the DT1990 keeps coming up and BeyerDynamic is much more available here.
People keep complaining about the treble, though… :confused:

Would you say you are super sensitive to treble? I personally don’t have issues with the treble, and eq tweaks are always an option

Not sure if I am. I know IEMs are not really comparable, but I have the KZ ZSX which don’t bother me at all so I guess I’m fine

It’s more that I REALLY need to be 100% sure before spending so much on a headphone because it’ll take me at least six months to save up for the DT1990, for example.
Of course, I’m aware no headphone is perfect, but I can’t buy headphones that have god-tier soundstage and pretty average everything else

Are DT880 600 ohms in your price range? They are a well balanced headphone with great soundstage and imaging for the price. I could be wrong, but if you aren’t really bothered by the ksx I don’t think you will be bothered by the 1990 or 880 600 ohm as long as you have a decent amp to drive them

well, my 2019 purchase just happened finally, and the SMSL SU-8 + SP200 should be here in a few days so I guess I’m covered for life :slight_smile:
2020 in Olinko audiophilia (for now) seems to have in store either the DT1990 or paying the extra cost for the Argons. But that’s why I’m hoping this thread’ll stay active, a lot can happen in six months :smiley:

Yeah you should have no problems for awhile with amps and dacs lol. Personally I would much prefer the 1990 to the argons imo in most ways

Have you actually heard both or just going by description?

I’m only leaning towards the Argons because they’re closed back and I share a room, otherwise I’d take the 1990 as well. They’re also gorgeous AF