Best-looking headphones?


I love my Audeze LCD-2 headphones, but I don’t want to be seen in them ( is it just me or do most people look like complete tools with over-ear headphones on?)

I don’t think that people look too goofy in the the Abyss Diana, but it’s a bit pricey, so I’m wondering if there are any other headphones that both sound and look good or should I just stick with IEM’s whenever other people are around?

I hate to sound shallow, but I just want to avoid having friends laugh or turning women off.

I’m biased but I do think Focal makes some of the best looking headphones around.


I would agree tbh. Also even beautiful headphones like ZMF look goofy once they are actually on your head. But Focal headphones I think look best in general and also once it’s in your head :slight_smile: altho that is 100% subjective

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I’m gonna third this, Focals not only look good IMO, but from all accounts I’ve heard they’re not hard to drive, relatively.

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That’s how I can afford this hobby.


Going to continue agreeing that Focal makes the best looking headphones, with an honorable mention to Sennheiser for the 600 series being the most “inoffensive” looking.

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Firstly, over-ear headphones are always sexually exciting. So hard disagree on the premise.

But: I do think that suspension strap designs are forbidden. I remember seeing myself in mirror with M560’s on and thinking I looked like a real tool.

Lessening bulk is key. And the head-on angle is the worst. What looks great on a stand can be different from what is best on a head.

Is there a 600 series closed back though? I’m assuming OP is looking for options to wear in public…

These are in my opinion among the most attractive out there:

Of course, you also have to give credit to the kings: Focal and Sennheiser (their HD800 series).

Meze 99 Classics are gorgeous, with real wood cups and not a piece of plastic on them, if you don’t mind the look of a suspension headband.


The the ones in the eye of the beholder :wink:


I love the look of the sennheiser had 600 range and the 660s looks the best of them all in my opinion. If I have to use cars as an analogy, sennheiser gives off a Porsche vibe to me and Porsche is my favourite car brand.

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focal elear while wearing
ath-wp900, hd600 and focal clear mg for looking at

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I would say most things Focal look absolutely sex. I think the T60rp with the wood look way better than they’re comfortable. Although to be fair they give you that kind of retro-technician look with their square-ish design and adjustment rods for the cups. Also, any Denon or Fostex headphone modded by Lawton Audio. That wood is drool inducing.

ZMF has some pretty nice lookers as well, but we’re enroaching the bulkier end of units here. But I’d probably take anything ZMF over Audeze if we’re going to look at headphones with a bit of girth.

For IEM’s I’d have to say Moondrop Starfields. Absolute stunners for little cost. On some level I think the Shouer Tape Pro look great, but the awkward cable sleeve make them look really silly around the ear, looks way better with custom cable (got one in matching silver / blue).

Dan Clark headphones without question, the build matches the looks one houndred.

not everyone is going to like that industrial look but i do, polar opposite aesthethic would probably be ZMF i feel like where instead of carbonfiber, metals and planar it’s woods and dynamic drivers


I’d be wary of wearing a pair of Focals out in public, and deathly afraid of the consequences of doing so with ZMFs…

I’ve got a closed back itch that’s looking to be scratched. I have a feeling the Noire is going to be the cure…

oh neat! someone is going to look oddly at me for this but half the fun of owning my Noire is for the build alone, i just want to possess it!

that’s not saying i’m not happy with the sound quality, i am, i really am, these are my daily drivers, came off of a pair of Hifiman Aryas, not implying anything with that, just that i’m more than satisfied with the Noire. The Arya’s are just superior technically across the board it seems


I guess if it works for this guy…