Best Neutral Headphones around $200 - $250 (Closed Back Only)

I want some good sounding headphones. Made a mistake with my recent question. I meant to ask for recommendations but only for closed back headphones. I plan to use these on the go and don’t want to hear people and don’t want them to hear my music either. Sorry for the mistake everyone who already gave me recommendations.

I think what usually gets rec’d around here would be the beyerdynamic dt880 600 ohm version if you have an amp that can power them. I’d personally recommend the Sennheiser 58x from Drop if you can get it. It’s a nice balanced tuning that everyone seems to love too. Sennheiser 6xx might be worth looking at as well. I think these are all actually in the realm of $150-$200.

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If he has an amp, the dt880 600 ohm or r70x (if you can find a deal) are my picks for a fairly neutral headphone

Wasn’t aware audio technica made a neutral headphone. How does it compare to the dt880?

The r70x is essentially a better extended hd600, I think it can be on a higher tier or performance with a good solid state amp than the 880, but I do really enjoy the signature of the 880 a bit more. Also both headphones tube very well, with the r70x tubing the better of the two (just like a 600)

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Wow, that’s really interesting. I’m not home yet, but I was going to listen to the Tuba when I got back. If I liked it I was gonna consider getting a 600, but the r70x looks like a way better choice then. :smiley:

You could always go the classic tube god, the 600 lol

R70x is basically Audio-Technica’s comeback to the HD600 with better extension. Tubes would also work well with it since it is 470 ohms last I checked.

+1 on the dt 880 if you can stretch the budget a bit to pair it with a fiio k5 pro

I have made a mistake and didn’t clarify that I wanted a pair of closed back for portable use.

Well that certainly does change it up some…

Yeah, its my bad for not specifying

Nah you’re fine dude. :slightly_smiling_face:

then for a closed back probably the akg k 371 narman neutral . good build

I should probably also mention that I carry around the Q5S currently in order to drive whatever I am using at the time.

k 371 is very efficient and should be fine

AKG K371 isn’t neutral in the normal way, it has very elevated bass and sub-bass.

The Audio-Technica M40x, and the MSR7 are good. MSR7 is more on the brighter side.

It’s harman neutral which is what some are looking for. Something like the 600 is diffuse field neutral

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True. Harman neutral isn’t what many define as neutral though, that’s all I was trying to say.