Best open backs <1k FOR BASS

The title says it all, out of curiosity

What do you guys think are some of the better open backs for bass, they dont have to be that expensive, 1k as a reference limit.

I value punch, rumble, slam, and clean bass, not necesarilly bloated bass cannon but more focus on the quality.

throw some leather pads on your 400se if you still have them :slight_smile: they hit hard with leather pads.

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After going thru 4xx, 400i, LCD2C, Focal Clear, Ananda and Sundara i found the LCD-X (2021 rev) is the best for bass in open backs, my search is over. Also, the bass is incredible but the detail retrieval, soundstage, treble it is all awesome.

Got mine from as open box for $950 so it is within your budget. Just make sure you subscribe to notifications on their site for when they have it in stock, you just have to wait for someone to return them after 1 week of purchasing because they disliked the weight! lol

It is heavy as hell but also extremely comfortable, at least for me…


I tested both the he400i and he400se with different leather pads and they do hit like a truck, but I dont have them anymore

also have heard all of those except the lcd-x and the clear, they might be the 1k contenders for best open, I don’t have that budget right now just wanted to hear different opinions for the time being. thanks!

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Do you use eq? I personally cant stand the “house sound” or whatever audeze has but if you do the lcd-x is pretty decent. I’d still take the he6 all day over the lcd-x and they’re back down to $650 and they have the best macrodynamics there is, no contest. Plenty of people out there that value bass and say they’re better all around for their tastes than the susvara. They’re especially nice if you have a nuclear power plant in the form of a speaker amp for them.

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LCD-X if you can find a good deal. They also EQ well. A +3dB low shelf at 100Hz and they’re amazing.

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I had 2 huge problems with audeze, I don’t like to eq anymore (I like to hear the stock tunings) and the ones I tested crinkled the hell out of my ear, unwearable.

Yeah, I’ve always wanted the he-6, but my concern is how hard are they to amplify, maybe with a basx it would be a very nice $900 combo

whats your current amp?

RNHP, sucks with planars but I have 0 planars and 10 dynamics XD.

Just sold my magnius today which had very nice 5watts for my now gone planars.

The ol hifiguides special is the Clears , RNHP, and Bifrost 2. I also believe that the LCD X is decent on the RNHP


The clears and the he-6 are the ones on my watchlist right now, but I have no way of powering the he6.

Created this post to see what other options you guys like, maybe cheaper ones as well.

i had the basx for a week and it had so much grain that the he6 picked up on so easily i almost couldn’t use it. was better on less resolving headphones but i actually got better sound out of a cheap $60 chinese 2 channel amp that is my garage speaker amp (where accousics dont matter and every wall has something that rattles lol) and as long as the power chain is decent it actually wasn’t bad at all. I think the magnius would have done pretty decent at powering them but maybe a jot 2 is in your future :wink: What are your thoughts on adding a sub to your headphone setup? Sounds crazy I know but it’s been my preferred way of getting bass without really high volume and I absolutely love it.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: you are crazy man, a sub! I sometimes leave my speakers by accident and my room is rumbling while I have headphones on, but I hate the crosstalk so I turn the speakers off. I’ll take note on that for the he-6.

Honestly the Clears were the biggest disappointment from that entire list for me, i would never suggest those for someone looking for bass. The rest of its sound is super nice, but it is extremely lean on bass imo.

Btw, i do EQ all my headphones to get the bass where i like it, and for the LCD-X i also EQ the rest of the FR.

I doubt you will find any open backs for bass which you don’t need to EQ…

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thanks for the insight, and have you tried the elex?

also I’ll get the clears at somepoint, just not as my bass can.

I don’t mind adding a bass shelf and such, what I don’t do anymore is create exact EQ profiles for each peak, I used to but I discovered I liked more the stock tunings in every case except for planars.

Def not a bass canon lol but yea rest of the headphone is :ok_hand: unless you need super rumble. Clears have decent punch, decent slam, and clean bass

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I liked the elex better than the the clears tuning wise for what it’s worth. They were definitely punchy too.

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Mest mk2 for the best overall bass around 1k

Clear og for the mosy dynamic and best texture bass around 1k

Arya for yhe best extended (but lean) bass around 1k

LCD-X for the fastest bass around 1k

But realy just get mest mk2. I know yhey aren’t open back (or even over ear) but they are just a step above anything else I’ve heard in the price range for bass presentation


In that case the Fostex Ebony would be my #1 suggestion, but it is closed back so not what @DboyMac is looking for

Oh, and if you can find an Edition x v2 or an lcd2pf those will give ya really nice bass

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