Best sound stage recordings

and yeah…

any others?


Needs to be a good source…focused/intimate but it’s deep.

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i use thjis for both sounndstage and imaging


Probably not a massive sound stage but the remastered Beatles Blue album is defo out there old skool style :heart: …better with a good source…

yo that separation is insane this is awesome for imaging alone.

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Found it on Tidal. A treat to listen to.

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Yeah I listen to Tidal too :+1: it’s just everyone can see it if it’s posted via YouTube and yes it is indeed a quality recording :smiley:

Thats how I tested my soundstage :laughing:


Several of these seem to be more headphone based, so here are a couple which I rate for speakers:

Amused to Death (Amused to Death, Roger Waters)

Afraid of Time (Intersetllar OST, Hans Zimmer).

These are songs in which my speakers become truly transparent and what I use to demonstrate soundstage to people who don’t know what it is.

Also worth listening to Thriller (Thriller, Michael Jackson), which doesn’t quite have the same effect, but is still good for soundstage and imaging.

A bit of trivia, Thriller was originally called Starlight and got very close to the final version before it got its darker twist.

Another old skool recording, check it on Tidal master but here on the Tube…

This album is well recorded and they play a lot with the left-right channels.

"Amused to Death, Roger Waters":+1: …Floyd have mostly used wide sound stages…

Obviously, this one.


I… had not really listened to this song until now. Interesting.


So if I’m interpreting right what this thread is about, this might be a fit:

I can’t find it on youtube but Amber Rubarth - Strive

New THX intro.

Off-topic THX parody from the Simpsons, because why not:

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maybe this?


I think this one is very good for sound stage.

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