Best trap and dubstep iem?

I’ve been trying to find a iem that is good for lots of bass heavy trap,house and dubstep for when I’m home hanging around. Been looking in the 300 dollar range. So mainly seeing ppl say the fiio fa7 is pretty good but looking for recomendations up to 300 buckaroos to look at. What do u guys think I should try?

FiiO fh5, pretty much endgame for bassheads looking for IEMs

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Mmmm I’ll have to check them out

The ikko oh10 may surpass the fh5 for bass and wide, wait for Zeos to review it, its cheaper so you could save some coin in the process. I own it and it is ridiculous in the sub bass, also the tfz no3 is touted as being good in bass for only 109$ so not a bad option too.

I will have to look cheaper is always better in my book. Are they hybrids or just dynamics?

Oh10 is hybrid like fh5. The tfz is a single dynamic.

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Very nice will be looking those up today

At the price range, YES.

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Im looking for the same stuff but on a lower price range. V-shaped with good bass, for less than 50 bucks if possible. im gonna be using them out of my phone. any recommendations? heres some of what ive gathered so far:

  • Moondrop Crescent, but they have bad reviews on amazon and some people say the bass isnt great
  • Zero Audio Carbo Basso, id get these if it weren’t for the cable than everyone says is too thin, its not easy for me to import this stuff so i need to make sure they are gonna last a while
  • ZealSound wood, i like how they look and sound profile seems to be what im looking for they are too cheap, i feel like they are low quality bc of that and it turns me off, please tell me if im wrong

Any help or guidance is welcome.

Maybe kz zsn? They are pretty decent it’s what I have now. I mean for under 50 they rock for me

Been seeing good things about the tfz no.3

Maybe the KZ ZS7 if you like blue, they are supposed to be V shaped and have a lower treble shout to them. I was eyeing them for awhile too as the looks are good, the only con on the build is prob. the cable so maybe look at an aftermarket cable if you go that route.

I wouldn’t I have them and blew them out the second day lol

Ouch! That is not good… :frowning: reminds me of when my friend destroyed a m1060 driver, only that was his fault for poor modding skills lol.

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Eek I have tried those and liked them. Problem for me is when a iem has no bass i boost it and it blows at some point lol

Dang! That’s no bueno, have you looked at tips that seal well so you get better bass response, like foam is supposed to help quite a bit in that regard.

I have some foam and it helps my fav are biflange atm. And just the ribbed ones on my isines.

Right on, your ears are made of sterner stuff cus those ribbed tips from Audeze were not plesant on my ears to say the least lol. Those can bass EQ like crazy so it makes good sense that you use them. I’d say the bass is close to those OH10s but maybe its the weight or something but they seem like they carry slightly more, I have not pushed them with EQ yet though so that will be my next mission.

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Yes they do eq very well!!! I use pulse effects to boost it and they sound amazing but they don’t leave my house lol. And yes the tips are rough but seal the best lol

With the isines that is lol