Better cable replacement for the mh752 / mh751?

Hi there all, I wanted to quickly ask if anyone knows what cable would be better then the stock one that comes in the box, i personally have the mh751 which has the volume in cable and i’m not a fan, so if anyone has any good suggestions please let me know.

Also a note which i’m not sure it it matters, the headphone has this locking system on the earphone, would that block or hinder normal cables from getting in there or would it be find?

If you need the mic you need a 4 pole (trrs) cable. If you don’t need the mic, you can use any standard 3.5mm cable.

I don’t think I ever used the stock cable as I already used an existing cable I had out for another headphone, so I don’t think the locking feature will be a problem for most cables.

There are infinite lengths and materials for what you can choose. I’ll just link 2 example.

No mic:


Oh okay i see with the mic, yeah i would like to use the mic still since it’s a really good one and i do need to make calls with it, so the trrs 4 pole is the way for me.

Quick question though, would aftermarket cable make a difference? I’m mostly asking since next year i’m planning on getting a FX-AUDIO DAC-X6 MINI to power the headphones better then the on-board audio from my pc, since @ZeosPantera said in his review it’s some of the best budget (getting your foot in the door) solutions. Would a better cable give a improvement when using that? I would also have to do some splitting so i can run the mic to the pc and the audio from the x6

IMO no unless your current cable is broken. It won’t yield a sonic improvement

Interesting, I’m moistly asking because i was thinking if this cables volume dial start acting up or something happens to it i want to know which cable to get to replace it.

Do you guys think i would have a good quality increase with that FX-AUDIO DAC-X6 from the on-board audio i have at the moment?

Something i noticed with this headphone compared to my old cloud stingers (takstar pro 80) is that those would distort ever so slightly when push full volume, but with these mh751 (takstar pro 82) they can go full volume and it’s loud, but does not hurt my hears, so that makes me feel like the dac/amp would make me get more detail out of them if powered properly?

Or am i just losing the point, since what i understand is the DAC/AMP would reduce noise and give proper power to the drivers…

So regarding the volume control, as long as you keep it maxed it shouldn’t play a role.

Depending on your motherboard, I don’t know if the dac x6 will be a noticeable step up, as the mh751 really isn’t amp picky and doesn’t really care how it’s being powered. If you have noise or distortion issues from your motherboard, than the x6 might be an improvement but if you have no issues I don’t think it would be a significant step up in quality.

So dac amps traditionally have better sound quality, but you aren’t taking a big jump with the dac x6. I think if you wanted to notice a difference you would have to step up to the fiio k5 pro. And it still wouldn’t be that big of a difference since the mh751 really doesn’t scale super well and just kinda works well on everything