MH752 non-braided replacement cable options/reduce audio/mic quality?

Hello, first post here. Found Z Reviews this year when I was looking for a new headset.

Picked up the CM MH752s because they come with the DAC/Amp combo device to simplify my setup.

I can personally attest that the included braided cable does introduce a lot of noise into the cups as I play games at my desk.

was perusing what ppl thought of a suitable replacement cable and came across two things.

1st, a viable replacement cable; see here: Better cable replacement for the mh752 / mh751?

2nd, someone claiming that a rubber replacement cable reduced audio and mic quality; see here:

let me know, thanks

also, if that included DAC/Amp combo could be better for cheap (seen syba something mentioned a few times), I would be happy to know for future reference.

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If that cable works okay it should be fine. I would not get one with an inline microphone otherwise it will conflict with the microphone that comes with the headphones, which is actually not that bad.
If you want a good DAC/AMP, you may need to raise your budget. Those super cheap ones are not really worth it and won’t make a noticeable improvement over the device’s own internals. If you want a DAC/AMP that’s worth it, there’s a few options under 100 USD.
If you don’t care about needing really small and portable…
Fiio K3.
Fiio Q1 Mk2 is thinner and more portable.
Neither of them support Bluetooth.
Or if you want something really tiny and portable…
Fiio BTR5 if you can find it.
If you can’t find it, the Earstudio ES100 is another good second option.
Both of these support Bluetooth and all sorts of EQ features and decoding.
If you are okay with just having a different cable though, you are good to go with the no mic version. I don’t think it will make the sound worse or anything.