Beyerdynamic dt 770 250 ohm

Can I drive these properly with my fiio k3? The 80 ohms that I had were very easy to drive but I want to try the 250 ohm because people here say their treble is less harsh the issue I had with the 80 ohms, I heard no mids at all just a bright treble and bass.
Weird cuz everyone on internet usually say the opposite the 80 ohms have a less harsh treble and a better bass so I’m kinda confused as well.
I was always convinced that 250 were for critical listening and 80 more fun.

I can’t say anything on the other versions, but the 250 ohm, in my opinion, has pretty harsh treble at loud volumes and pretty deep bass. I’m considering returning mine due to the treble, but they are so darn comfortable.

My experience was the 80 ohm was way more piercing and harsh with the treble than the 250 ohm, which toned it down ever so slightly. The 250 ohm is just better.
If you want something with more midrange you might want to look at something else though, the DT770 are known for having very little midrange.

The 80 ohm have more bass and treble than the 250 ohm for sure. I’ve found that the 80 ohm sound much better on an amp that can control the bass and treble (my old Questyle cma400i tamed them a bit) .

I’m not shilling, but I’d bet the Lake People G111 would do the trick…but it’s much easier to just buy the 250 ohm, lol.

If you want mid-range I would go with a different headphone all together
while the 250 ohm 770 is more tamed compared to the 80 ohm a tad less bass but also tighter and more controlled less fatuiging treble the mids can come out but will never be the focus.

I can’t confirm this but I have a feeling there is unit inconsistencies because opinions and experiences are pretty different alot of times… that said the treble harshness in MY experience was helped somewhat going to the 250 ohm, like the treble is still there but less offensive (if that makes any sense) and the mids are nice on the 250 but honestly can’t remember if that changed from the 80 or not.

regarding your k3 I have no idea if it’ll drive the 250 ohm

Gonna have to say to my experience the lower ohms had a harsher treble to my ears. K3 should be able to drive 250 ohms without much problem at all though I wouldn’t suggest any higher than 250. I am going to have to agree with @donjklassen here there does seem to be some inconsistency. When I was sitting down with the 990s I had to go to the 600 ohm version to really settle that treble down and hook it to a liquid spark the 250 ohm just wasn’t cutting it and was ear piercing on the treble.

It can, but personality I would want a bit more imo

there are a few bad batches foating around the market still that happended a couple of years ago when beyerduynamic dropped in material quality and was noticed by some consumers it should be fixed in the newer batches

ah okay that makes sense then… I think people watch the YouTube guys and those reviews don’t all line up which adds to this confusion

Thx for the help guys


Could you actually help me pick a new pair of headphones
Closed back
Good bass
Not bright
150 budget
Mostly for music non competitive gaming
I love beyers sub bass but the treble was killing me
I own hd598 and the hm751 both are very neutral I need some fun
I was always a bass head but today the other sounds are important as well, I still don’t want them to cover the rest or being muddy.

creative aurvana live!

I heard they are super uncomfortable

they can get a little hot and the cups are a little small but for me they were just fine… could be worth a shot if you purchase from somewhere with a good return policy

They are like 45 euros on the official site standard 30 day return policy.
Unfortunately on Amazon 67 euros.

I feel you there. I was in a similar position as you, the treble from the DT770’s was harsh and causing me to physically squint sometimes.

You could check out the Meze 99 Classic/Noirs for $200 - they are closed back but are very warm with monster bass. Very fun.

Another option is to wait longer, save up and try and increase your budget to afford the DT 177X GO, which have way better mids and the treble is rolled back, no harshness but still lots of detail.

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Sure, Heres a few recommendations for you. Takstar Pro 82, Audio-Technica ATH-WS1100iS Solid Bass, AKG 553, ATH M40X or M60X just change the pads, Sony MDR1A, Status Audio CB-1, Creative Aurvana Live! Pad swap these to the HyperX Cloud pads and they become very comfortable you can also use Brainwavz HM-5 pads, and I know you said closed back but a very solid open back recommendation for what your wanting I would say Philips Fidelio x2 hr

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How do CALs compare to mh751?
Cuz I own those already and from what I know they have less treble and no bass sliders compared to pro 82s.
I remember I watched zeos review of CALs it was hilarious, I was interested about the sound, didn’t like the build tho.
Are they like V shape?

Yes, but it’s not a very sharp V rather it’s more subtle so it’s still enjoyable. Swapping to the hyperx does alter it a little bit making it more enjoyable to my ears.

MH751 is a gaming headset and is one of the barebones. It is ever so slightly bright with a slightly pushed back bass presence so it responds well in competitive shooters. It has a very slight compression to it as well to make it sound a tad better in a fps scenario i.e. the ever popular “custom tuning” of gaming headsets. It’s not a bad gamers headset by any means and if this is what you already own you may be better off saving up to a higher tier headphone instead such as a Meze, dt 177x pro, or others of a higher tier as long as you make sure they are low ohm/impedance and don’t require a strong amp/dac setup. In comparison the CAL is slightly V shaped and has a more present bass, cleaner sound with more clarity and timbre, slight recessed mids, but close to the same high presence maybe just a tad brighter but has some roll off on the treble.

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