🔷 Beyerdynamic DT177X GO

This is the official thread for the Beyerdynamic DT177X GO

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp recommended: Yes
  • Closed Back

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Z Reviews

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Just got mine on Thursday. Got the XL perforated pads (thanks for the tip Zeos), which are way more comfortable and reasonably priced. I like the fairly neutral sound profile. They fall nicely between my HD6XX’s and TR7XX’s, with a great combination of revealing sound, deep sub bass and a pretty even keel across all frequencies. I would love a cable that was 50% longer, but its length is perfect for mobility.

@brux makes some pretty nice balanced cables for the 177x go if your interested

They look like nice cables and I will probably pick some up, but I prefer a smooth cable to a woven sheath. The DT 177X cable port is close to my shoulder and once the cable is attached, it pretty much rubs on my shoulder. I’m afraid of microphonics from the cable rubbing on my shoulder. My TR 7XX cable makes a pretty big racket every time I move my head. I guess a cable the right length might outweigh the noisiness of the weave.

These are the ones Z’s been using in some videos.


They make a switch type system.


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Thanks. These are the ones I was referring to when I was saying I wished they had a smooth sheath instead of woven. I really like the modular idea and I will probably get a set regardless of sheath material.

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You’re welcome. I believe they mentioned on their website that they can customize cables. Just send them an email.
They seem like good company and their modular system is a great value. You can get a cable with all connections via their kit for under a $100.

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What’s your take on these?

The cables or the headphones?

Headphone. Your thoughts on the cables are welcomed as well.

Well I really like them more than the 1770 pro and can actually recommend the 177x to people imo. It’s a pretty good closed can that’s also somewhat easy to drive

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I never see comparisons against the NDH20. How do they fare?

So I would actually take the 177x over the ndh 20 because of the better soundstage and imaging, better comfort, and the signature is better for actual music enjoyment. I would take the ndh20 if I wanted a warmer monitoring can that was compact and highly isolating at the expenses of comfort and enjoyment

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It seems like a good value. Definitely worth checking out if your in the closed can market.

Yeah can agree, pretty nice and better than the 1770 imo

My friend has the 1770 and I like much about it, but the highs were too much. A smoothed out version sounds good, I imagine.

Plus it’s cheaper and lower impedance. Both pluses for me.

I also thought the overall signature on the 1770 was unrefined and also the bass was not controlled well and way too much imo

Agreed. A bit too ‘boomy’, not low like a planar (seldom are), but exaggerated.

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Does anyone have any recommendations for pads to use on the 177x? I’m hoping to use them whilst traveling so want as little sound leakage as possible - How do the Brainwavz Hybrid pads compare to the PU/ Sheepskin pads? And is it necessary to get the XL pads over the smaller ones? Or are the included Dekoni sheepskin pads good enough as is? Thanks for any replies

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