🔷 Beyerdynamic DT770

By no means do I have golden ears.

I know these are supposedly very hard to drive, but would my Cowon Plenue D be able to power the 250 ohm? I know Zeos said in his old DAPs: the movie review that the Plenue D pushes the HD 600 fine and those are hard to drive as well.

The 770 250 ohm isn’t that hard to drive in comparison to other headphones. It just won’t sound great on lower end motherboard audio or a underpowered budget phone

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So will it sound good on the Plenue D then? I don’t want to sound cheap but the Plenue D is closer to high end as far as DAPs go. Zeos said that Astell & Kern player had almost no noticeable difference compared to the Plenue in sound quality despite being over 1,000 usd.
And I’m going to try to get a good desk amp eventually I just want to know as far as the equipment I have right now how it would do.

I don’t foresee any issues, should be just fine

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Cool thanks. I was considering the 80 ohm version instead but I have heard the sub bass is more accurate on the 250 ohm it just requires good power. This helps a lot. Then again I could always order both on Amazon and return the one I don’t like. As of now I’m trying to find headphones that keep sound in enough to use around my parents who seem to hate any sort of noise unless they are controlling it. These are definitely on my list now. I would guess they probably have very little leakage being a closed back.

Unless you are at seriously loud listening levels or dont have them on your head, they isolate fairly well and really don’t leak

If you wanted to take that to another level, iems do that really well

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Awesome. Yes I’ve heard that about IEMs. I’m going to try to get some that Zeos recommended for under 100 eventually, either the Tin T2, KZS10 PRO, or the Earstudio. But I prefer wearing headphones when I can since I have sensitive ears and I don’t care for the feeling of IEMs.

Yeah, comfort can be an issue for people. On a side note, if you want to get a taste of open back, perhaps look into the koss ksc75, because with lower listing levels they actually don’t leak alot (and very affordable)

I want to get those too! But for now I got the Kph30i and they blew my mind. Still leak a lot though so not good for use around other people. I’ve heard the KSC75 are similar to the SHP9500 and HD 600.

I would kinda agree with the shp claim, but not the 600 claim

What do you think the differences are between them? I’ve never heard either.

The 600 is alot more refined with much better detail and sounds more “realistic”


H guys.i notice that the pads on mmx300 and dt770 250 are different. The ones on the mmx300 are stiff and make a funny sound when you squish them, they sound they make and the texture is similar to the ones that came with the dt770 80 all black. It’s like if they had a stiff foam inside . The ones on the dt770 250 are less stiff, they are like the ones used in the dt990 250 silver edition.

So what’s your point?..Brainwavz pads work well dt770’s

I don’t know lol. I think That maybe that’s why the dt770 250 sound more airy and open than the other versions. Or maybe I receive a different set or something weird. I bought from pro audio star. The box was the new style, like the dt177x black and orange. I want to know if someone can compare or give me some info in their dt770 pads. I might buy the dt770 250 ohm all black edition to compare.

I bought the dt770 250ohm all black limited edition and the pads are stiff like the mmx300 same sponge Feeling. They sound more balanced and less open than the dt770 250ohm with the silver pads.


Not sure why, but when I tried both the 80 ohm vs the 250 ohm version of these, the 80 ohm had practically zero midrange to my ears, and there was a lot of sibilance that I found very unpleasant. The 250 ohm version however, had some midrange, more accurate bass and much more tolerable quality sharp highs. They felt like two different headphones. Am I crazy or are my ears just weird?

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The 250 ohm is more balanced imo and less peaky, I also think it’s higher resolving. You are correct in hearing the difference for sure


i dont understand this ohm thing. I once saw headphones that came in 3 different ohm choices, think it was also a beyer, so what causes that? and why is the higher ohm better sounding on this headphone?