🔷 Beyerdynamic DT770

Yes it’s most likely beyers that come with differing impedance levels. The higher ohm versions typically are more detailed and also have a more even or less v shaped signature, and are typically less harsh and peaky sounding. I’ll let someone else go into the science of it if they want to lol, I’m just going to give the listening in person answer.


i mean if i see headphones for sale and they come in 3 differnt ohm ratings im gonna go with the highest impedance. I’ll just assume its the best. why is that?

well thats what i had read somewhere.because of different wiring inside the headphones an article claimed more finely tuned earphones with higher impedence but thats why you need to power them properly. according to an article i read anyways thats the difference. While lower impedence are easy to power but use less good or different material inside that ends with less fine tuning

again, this is just what i had read a while ago about impedence

In saying this with ZERO electrical engineering knowledge, so huge grain of salt here.

I think that it’s harder to make a more detailed headphone with low impedance than one with high impedance. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that low impedance headphones are bad, or high impedance headphones are necessarily good. Focal Utopias are 80 ohms, for example, and they certianly outperform the Beyerdynamic 880 250ohms.

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right, i too with no expirience think the same. Of course i dont mean that high impedance equals better detail. It’s just from what i read the possibility of finer detail with more fine tunining? seems to be easier or better with higher ohms. Only beyerdynamic to my knowledge has the same headphones with different ohm versions so it would be impossible to tell anyways with other headphones

I also own dt770 250 ohm recently for office use.
But I need to change the pads because stock ones don’t isolate enough (18 dba passive noise issolation). So i can’t decide which one to buy.
What I was thing about : Alpha pads or Dekoni Audio Choice Leather .

ZeosPantera recommend for mx300 gen2 Dekoni pads.

From research, many people obtain for Alpha pads. There is even a thing called “AlphaDynamic” …

I don’t know what to buy.
With the stockpads I like the soundstage, imaging and sub bass. Don’t want to change those to much. Mid’s are ok. High’s could be tamed a little bit but if it sacrifice details… not worth it. I like the bass ( ~90-250 Hz) to be more “punche”.
I do not know anyone to own at least one of them to try.
Can I borrow your wisdom? :mage:

Yes I did a lot of A and B testing with these too.
I found the 80 ohm to be way too sharp in the highs for my ears. The midrange also felt more lifeless and sucked out. The low end also felt more uncontrolled as if the headphones were panicked ever so slightly.
The 250 ohm toned down the sharpness ever so slightly to where I could handle it, the midrange sounded higher quality, and the low end sounded tighter and more accurate, like it wasn’t having a hard time handling it at all.

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I deleted my comment because of the dedicated thread to this topic but I think you’ve nailed it here ^ the big selling point for me are the calming of the fatiguing highs and I much prefer the coiled cable as well… the 250 makes the 770 a much more rewarding and relaxing listen… I’m glad I went ahead in exchanging the two


Totally agree. Glad you like them!

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Got the Beyerdynamic 32 ohm and I guess I’m not a fan a bright sound sig and the bass is eh I think the cals sound better.

32 ohm is my least favorite 770 imo, really not worth buying imo

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Yeah but it’s crazy that z even compares them to argons because say the mmx sound the same as dt 770 32 ohm hell I would rather take my kph30i has better lowend

Well time to get a akg 371 I bet those sound better to my taste

The mmx have a different tuning, but I also confused where the argons even come in lol, strange stuff going on over there

I do enjoy the 371 lol, pretty solid

Yeah I mean it’s a better headphone in every way

I have both the 80 and 250Ohm version of the DT770 and much prefer the 250’s.

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I should have got the 250 ohm oh well maybe I got used to the sound or they needed to burn in but it sounds a bit softer

Well - having said that I owned and listened to and loved the 80s for years before buying the 250’s. They are still a great headphone.