🔶 Beyerdynamic DT880 600Ω

Wish me luck with this one guys, though I won’t be able to get my hands on some 600Ω version of these cans but sooner or later, I am aiming to buy the 250Ω one and I hope it will meet the desired sounds I want from these. Saving up is a much needed factor nowadays.

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Hopefully you enjoy them and it’s worth the wait :+1:

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I snagged a pair of these recently and have put a few dozen hours on them already. I have a pair of 32 ohm DT990 from about 3 years ago before I had an amp. The 990’s mids and bass were excellent, but that treble was just too sharp. Their comfort was also excellent. So seeing recommendations from this forum and wanting to like a pair of Beyers I grabbed these. And yeah, I like these Beyers. The bass isn’t as plentiful as the 990, but nor is it in any way lacking. The treble still has a bit of the character that the 990’s have, but not with the sharpness. There’s only an occasional hint of sibilance, and mostly on recordings that aren’t great. Yeah, good purchase here.

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Just curious what amp have you been using them on? Also glad you enjoy them :+1:

I’ve used Atom and SP200. I’ve also run them through one of those cheap Chifi tube buffers with pretty good results too.

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@M0N, I do have one question and I think you’ve used these cans a lot…

In rare instances and at generous volumes (70-75db - I don’t listen that loud very often) I have noticed some high frequency noise on the DT880. It sounded like the hiss of an old CRT TV but the frequency would modulate slightly with the signal (slightly lower when the dominant signal frequencies were lower, higher when higher). The presence of said noise is constant when it happens - again only on 2 nights out of the close to 2 weeks I’ve been playing with these - and it’s happened on both my amp and dac stacks (Topping D10 + Atom and SU-8 + SP200) which are located in different rooms. Other times I’ve cranked the volume to ear-splitting levels trying to hear that modulating noise and it’s not there at all. Could this possibly be an AC power issue? If so, it would be the first time I can remember picking up such a thing. None of my other cans or speakers have pulled that out yet if that is indeed what it is.

It could be a power issue. The headphones shouldn’t do that unless there is something wrong with the driver. It could also perhaps be something with your dac as the noise should not increase or decrease if it was a power issue with the amp, but if the dac had an issue like that, the volume of the noise changing on the amp would make sense as it would be receiving a signal with noise.

Hmmm, I don’t think (and hope it’s not) a driver issue. Right now they’re loud and sound great. I didn’t notice this noise in only one ear, it was an identical sound from both channels. Had it just been one I would have immediately thought driver as well. Still, it’s rare so I’ll keep an eye…er, make that ear, on it.

Do you know what days and time the noises occurred? And were you doing something different those days regarding using equipment or something? That doesn’t sound like the headphones are the issue. And with it happening on both setups it doesn’t sound like a dac or amp issue

I thought it might have been when the furnace was running in the house. But if you saw my location post, the furnace is almost always running where I live. In fact it’s running right now and I’m not noticing the issue. It’s possible that another appliance like the dishwasher or laundry was running. Otherwise, no. But Just working on a computer in each case - Surface Pro 4 in one case and custom built PC in the other. But I’ll make it a point to test this out next time the dishwasher or laundry runs.

Well, we can rule out dishwasher. It was started while I was listening - with the furnace also running - and there was no change in the sound. Huh.

You also have to consider that it might not be you, and you neighbors instead. On the atom vs sp200 thread, Riya was having ac issues, and then also went to a friends house and had the same issues, but then went to return it and it was dead quiet at the store, so he just happened to have dirty power. You could have someone else also on your power lines affecting your power, just like how internet can slow down at certain times as it’s being used more

You can read from this on for the power issues if you are curious about that

Yep. This makes some sense. We are in one half of a duplex. Even though both sides are metered independently the incoming line is probably shared.

That’s way overpriced lol

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Oops, good catch

Review is live

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Nice review :ok_hand: very thorough… they look pretty sharp in black

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Thanks. yeah. I prefer the black. I feel like the ear pads on the silver would get dirty looking faster.

Are there sound differences here with the premium from the pros or just physical differences? Pros seem to be mia

Edit: After reading the thread the black pads sound different apparently … how about premium vs pro?

I think the only difference is the headband, the cord and to your point some are saying the pads are slightly different. I don’t have the other pads to test and verify.

Also the headband style can vary depending on the model. Apparently BeyerDynamic makes like 4-6 DT880 but I believe they all have the same earcup and driver.

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