🔶 Beyerdynamic DT880 600Ω

This is the official thread for the Beyer DT880 (600Ω). This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Over Ear
  • Amp needed!
  • Open Back

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I can’t review these yet, but I’m trying to decide between these and the 990 pro 600 ohm but I don’t know the difference

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Let there be crickets no more:

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I have both right now. It really depends on your preference and what genre of music or if they are for gaming.
For me the DT880 600 ohm is my daily driver and favorite of all headphones i tried.
Compared to the DT990 i prefer the DT880. The Dt990 is a V-Shape. DT990 have more pronounced treble and bass. I feel the DT880 have a more controlled bass (tighter) , while the dt990 still tight hits harder with a little booming. on DT990 every other sound takes takes priority, the singers gets pulled back ( i tend to raise the volume just to hear the singer, but doing this the bass and treble became to forward).
Sounstage and imaging is better on DT990. A/B them with a fading left and right song, the DT990 sound twice as big. i tried some games for imaging, the DT880 gives you the position of the target in some natural way, you hear the footstep and could say where the target is. On the DT990 its like the sound the target makes is pointed at your direction like a beam you could easily spot the direction.

I prefer the DT880 for music. Th DT880 sounds more natural and coherent. They only genre i like with the DT990 is electronic music, the bass really puts a smile on my face.


How much sound do these leak?
Would it bother someone sitting right next to you on a bus?

Yes they’d probably piss the driver off too lol.

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They leak. Not as sundara not as dt990, but they leak. i wouldn’t used them outside. Not because they leak, but also as with any open back you will hear the outside as well ( You can isolate from the outside if you raise the volume up enough but then leak starts becoming uncomfortable to people around you) .

I want to buy a pair just to be able to turn my amp to high gain . Even with 300ohm headphones I don’t need to, but with these power hungry bastards I’d need every millliwatt!


I’ve noticed that on amazon there is a black special edition as well as the normal grey version of this headphone. There are clear differences in build in the pictures, so I wondered if there was a sound difference possibly as well, or if anyone had input as to which might feel better.

Edit: I did find this on the beyerdynamic website: “The DT 880 Edition… and the DT 880 Black Special Edition are identical in sound. Both headphones offer the same excellent wearing comfort. The Black Special Edition also impresses with a particularly high-quality headband. In addition, the Special Edition is delivered in an exclusive headphones case.”

The black also has different type of pads and does not sound the same fyi

That’s what I was thinking, have you had the chance to hear both?

Yeah, I personally prefer the regular 880 600 ohm premiums, and I also think they are more comfortable, but they sound close enough. I think also @Alfredo3001 has confirmed this as well

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Thanks. If they sound similar enough, but one is more comfortable, that’s definitely the one I’d get.

The black pads are a bit stiffer and kinda more closed in sounding, so it’s preference

I have the dt880 600 all black edition ( not chrome) and I like it. The clamp is ok not as strong as the pro versions. I had a mmx300 first version with the old headband ( with the silver wings on the side). The old headband feels more secure than the all black, but for my personal taste it looks outdated and old lol.
About the velour pads color, I think the silver velour is a little thinner compare to the black. I will net to A/B one silver dt880 with my dt880. I am interested in trying the dt880 250ohm pro all black edition.

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Are the DT880 32 Ohm any good ? :thinking:

Not really, if you wanted a 32 ohm Beyer the custom series from them is a better choice imo

Those are 16 Ohm, assuming you mean the COPP’s

But why is the 32 Ohm 880 bad, does it have a potato driver or what ?

The 32 ohm Beyer’s in general can be boomy, lack detail, and don’t have as coherent of a signature the higher impedance beyer regarding their 770/880/990

I see :thinking: