Ant's Review of the DT880

DT 880 Score 7.6

This is one of those headphones i’ve been hearing a lot about. DMS first brought it to my attention commenting on how good it was. They come in many versions (check amazon) and have 3 different ohm selections: 32, 250, 600. I choose the 600ohm (160$) based on what I’m hearing that its the best sound quality of the 3. It is a bit of a pain for the amp. It requires a lot of volume. This can be bad because i forget i have the volume so high and when i plug other headphones in it blasts them. I think i may have damaged my Focal Elex.


Clean clear light bright. Bass rolls off at 90hz. This is a bass lite headphone and you can hear that in the lightness. Good midrange. exceptional treble. And great treble extension. But sometimes it’s sibilant, and sometimes very sibilant. As a matter of fact on some songs the treble and sibilance are so much and ive had to change the track. So not good all around headphones. It couldn’t handle all the tracks on my Simple Minds testing playlist. Good detail. Fine dynamics. Good imaging. medium/wide soundstage.

One of the things ive learned from this headphone is how mixing in music can impact the headphone. Depending on the mix of the music this headphone can sound sibilant and treble harsh. But if it’s mixed in a certain way the headphone will sound great. Also genres of music can affect the headphone similarly.


These are the most cozy comfortable headphones I’ve ever experienced. The pads are so nice and soft. Like if I was in a cold climate I might put these on instead of earmuffs. This along with the light clamp make these extremely comfortable headphones. Very lightweight.


880’s seem very well built. Seem to be mostly made of metal with a little plastic. I don’t think these headphones will be breaking anytime soon. The headband seems to be made of plastic. Not sure how bendable they are. Cable is attached but fine. Its long at 9 inches. Wish all cables that come with headphones where at least 9 inches. Apparently longer than 10 inches will compromise the sound i hear. It comes with a case.

I really like it when a company includes a case or bag. The DT880 case is a thin pleather. The only thing that keeps its shape is the foam that comes inside it. I like how It’s cheap but functional. They gave you something! Companies could offer something like this at least for their headphones. Some companies will charge you so much for a headphone and not give you anything. Even a cheap velvet bag would cost 1$ or 2$ to include with a headphone.


I’m not a big fan of this headphone. I don’t get why DMS loves it so much. He just recently came out with the best headphones under 500$ and put this on it. I find it has too much treble, sibilant not enough body, and it’s no good if the album or song is mixed a certain way. Not a good headphone to recommend to new people.

Scoring rating: 20$-300$ 7.0 / 300$-700$ 8.0 / 800-1000$’s 9.0 / 2000$’s and up 10.0

Word description grading: Poor, Mediocre, Fine, Good, Great, Exceptional, Phenomenal


This headphone is amazing for certain applications. Competitive gaming and budget music production you want to hear all those details, even if they sound a little harsh, so you can correct them. These may not excel at certain things, but certainly are good for what they do.

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do you have any plans to review the 770? 990? 1770(x) and 1990?

are you focusing on low cost options? I’d be curious to see more about the Denon 5200 / 7200 and mebe the 9200, though I understand it’s a very sibilant headphone.

I don’t know if I would personally say they are sibilant tbh

well, as my mother taught me when I was a kid, you’re allowed to be wrong, LoL!

kidding aside, the only real review I ever found was a video by a fellow in Germany who said they were too peaky.

im very interested in the 1990 and the 1770. but the 880 makes me reluctant to try the 990. I’m interested in the Denon cause fostex cancelled the tr00x drop headphones. but my next reviews are gonna be of the Aeolus and the Autuer. after that probably the hifiman arya

well, from reading and being indoctrinated by M0N, the 177x is the best of the lot. however, it would be nice to have a reviewer focus on filling in a brand and create an awesome foundation to base their thoughts and opinions on. especially on a foundation of headphones that every newb would be pointed to as beginner options. :slight_smile:

can’t wait for you to report on Grado. particularly the wireless GW100’s. I did not find them peaky / sibilant when I tried them out at theheadphonebar back in September.

I wish I could find a decent way to record the headphone and amps we have that doesn’t cost a million dollars (exaggerating)

I think people poo on Grado because the setup isn’t optimal. If you listened to the HE4XX on the RNHP you’d probably wonder what all the fuss is about.

Amp pairing can make a huge difference on some headphones.

To a cheaper degree the liquid Spark with the Grado and T2 Pro which are known to be rather treble heavy (lively) are great due to the characteristics of the amp.

Well take that sound, bump the bass, clean up and refine the sound, and that’s what the RNHP does to the Grado and T2 pros. They are an amazing pairing.

Take either of them an pair them with the Magni 3 and you’ll probably hate your life…lol

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