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  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp Recommended: Yes
  • Open Back

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Get the 600 ohm, heard it was the best, and you get a cool “600 Ohm” lable on the cable :smiley:

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I’ve had the ATH m50’s for about 5 years. They were the only headphones i’ve used until these. I watched zeos’ review and jumped on it because i thought i might like bright headphones, could make use of the magni 3+ i just got, and they’re so reasonably priced.

I was really blown away and i’m having a hard time starting. They’re super comfortable. My ears dont bottom out on the headphone like they did on the m50’s. Now i know what bright in the audio world means. All the highs are so so so so crisp, like i’m cutting into a piece of freshly fried lechon. CRUNCH. It’s so detailed. It feels like my ears are reading through a finely detailed diagram, being able to pick apart all the different instruments, vocals, etc. Because i can pick apart all these different sounds now, it really has opened up my music like a book. The music feels like it has more depth. It’s hard to explain.

That being said, they are very hard to listen to on higher volumes for long periods of time because they’re pretty fatiguing. Listening to them on lower volumes is doable though. All in all, i’m very happy with them and will be using them daily. :slight_smile:

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lechon kawali also my preferred lechon and also a 990 lover holy shit you are my audio brother


HAHA omg when i mentioned lechon i actually ment kawali but i forgot to type it out! We must be audio brothers!



HI guys. Let me know if you find somewhere the dt990 600 ohm all black edition not the crhome not the silver edition.

New would be hard second hand…


But that’s the chrome edition lol



I had the chrome. I bought it for 120$ and sold it for 110$. I regretted it :sob:. I think I will settle with those but the price it’s not right hahaha.

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I’m contemplating buying the 250 Ohm version of the DT990 Pro. It’s significantly cheaper than the 880 (120Eur vs 170Eur). Currently I use the MH752 for gaming and plan to keep doing that, so it’s just for listening to music. However, I see the 990 mostly mentioned in gaming related topics. Now I’m beginning to question whether the 990 and 880 are really a good upgrade for music, or whether I should just wait, save up and go for a pair of Sundara’s or something later on (those go for about 350Eur though, so it would be a while before I spend that kind of money).
I’m currently listening to PortaPros and KSC75s, so that would be where I’m upgrading from, and I use an e10K and am contemplating buying a Liquid Spark if they ever get back in stock in Europe.

(Not exactly the right thread but there isn’t one for the 250Ohm and I didn’t feel like this needed it’s own thread.)

If you want a bright neutral and v shaped headphone both are great for music they just aren’t exactly laid back but to be at least can be really fun for music especially the 990 . But it’s definitely an acquired taste. The wine $209 region still has alternatives that can be consiy like a 58x , the Helios , the Fidelio but saving up to a more significant upgrade if you know what your getting might be a better route

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Hm yeah, holding out for a more expensive pair. I’ll try to hunt down a kph to soften the burden of waiting.

I’m thinking of getting a DT900 600 ohm. i hear its a V shape and i hear its very detailed. But how is it different from the DT1990? is it as detailed? what about the 1770 or 177Xgo? are they V shaped too? how do they compare?

I was thinking of getting this version of the 990 600. is this the best one?:

I know you’ve read my texts ant… lmao. I will explain this one again though. Yes, its v shaped and extremely sharp V at that. It’s very detailed and aggressive with recessed mids and the highs sound ethereal. DT 1990s have a more neutral-Bright frequency out of the box unless using the balanced pads of which they gain back a V signature however 1990s have more detail, clarity, timbre, some soundstage, less treble, and in most cases less bass than the 990s outside of the balanced pads if treble is an issue with the 1990 you can switch to dekoni elite velour and make it a perfect V shape as the treble will then be in the same db frequency as the bass does wonders for the headphone imo. 990 600 ohm is amazing as it smooths out those highs really allowing them to shine through and making them less sibilant though without a proper amp that deals with dialing back that treble, not increasing it like some amps do, it has it’s issues. 1770 I don’t recommend. It’s brighter yes, but it’s sibilant even on my current setups and when I bought it twice in a row I had some distortions and my first copy had driver rattling. 177x GO is essentially the same headphone just tinkered with to fix all of it’s issues and is just flat out better in my opinion. 177x GO is a neutral U signature and responds well to other sheepskin pads which may increase the low end. To most dt 990 is unbearable. You can fix it with amp setups or using 4 ply toilet paper behind the foam of the driver also dekoni elite velour seems to be a good choice for sibilant beyers.

ok so the dt1990 can be a V shaped headphone. then why shoulddnt i get that? also does it have a 600 ohm version?. How can the 177X go have a U shape and a neutral shape at the same time? Which is the most V shaped? which has the most bass? treble isnt a problem with me cause i use EQ

Matter of preference and budget really imo. DT 990 isn’t anywhere close to being as unforgiving as the 1990 as far as being analytical and 990 is much sharper and has more sparkle. It doesn’t really sound much like the 1990 they sound really different from one another. Also 1990 is in the $600 price range while you can find DT 990s for like $120. The mids definitely feel recessed in the 990s making it a more forgiving headphone. Both are aggressive and wide

what the 1990? No and I am really sad one doesn’t exist I would love to see how much I could push one.

Neutral-ish U meaning it’s a small U here this may help

For 1990 depends on the pads. If you use balanced they are pretty close to each other but the 990s to my ears peaks out quite a bit and sounds a lot brighter

Here this could help as well. DT 990 600 ohms image

DT 1990 with it’s different pad choices below this Blue is balanced pads, Green is dekoni elite velour, purple is analytical

DT 990 peaks higher than the 1990 but it also doesn’t have that absolutely massive dip in the frequency as far as bass though if your using balanced on the 1990 they are very close to evenly matched. The real big difference is the recessed mids and treble. 1990 has better mids less treble 990s has less mids more treble

Edit: for sake of comparisons too here is the 250 ohm version of the dt 990 which is fairly different

Just got these today. been listening to it and it sounds great. i love the added detail. i seem to be hearing more in the music. however the treble is a problem. symbols sound like glass crashing. does anyone know which frequency controls that? I tried to use APO to control it but as usual i end up taking too much treble out lol. It doesn’t seem to be a problem on most tracks. just dont try foo fighters statues on it lol

The 990 doesn’t seem to have as much bass as the 770. but its definitely present lol. it is V shaped. It sounds good on my RNHP but had to turn up the volume to 3 o’clock. and it has the nice beyer soundstage. Still listening to it but i like it a lot.

A big problem is the fit. i haven’t had a problem with the DT 770 or 880 like this one. this one looks different than the others. it has the vents on the cups. When i put them on i noticed that it didnt fit my head that well and had to extend the yokes pretty far to get it to fit my head. i didnt have to do this with the others.

Also i couldn’t get a good seal on my ears. i had to bend the yokes in a little and use a headband around my had and cups to get a good seal. its like it doesn’t want to seal on my head, never head this problem with a headphone before. its like the pads are too stiff. after i got the seal right i could hear the bass coming in better. but i dont want to have to use a headband with my headphones all the time lol. because of this im thinking of returning them and getting another pair. i think these may be a factory defect :slightly_frowning_face:

Anyway i got these for 183$ off amazon. Zeos should check these out. these are better giant killers than the 880’s imo. detail on these is great. much better than the 770 or 880.


I bought one a few days ago. It should be here by next week. I could share my experience with you about the old premium edition headband after that.