🔶 Beyerdynamic DT990 600Ω

I have a topping d30. So you’re both saying its definitely an upgrade. I know it’s hard to quantify and all very subjective, but would you say like a 5% upgrade, or more like a 10-20%? 5 kind of not being worth it to me, and 10-20 being more worth the 200 bucks.

It would be an upgrade but not that big of an upgrade. The Asgard is a very good amp better than the liquid spark in fact. But if this whole purpose of the Asgard is to power the 990 I don’t think the price justifies the sound improvement your gonna over a spark but if you do plan on upgrading /collecting higher end headphones then a Asgard would be an excellent upgrade from the Spark. The spark is a special amp that pairs particularly well with the 990 due to the sound sig the amp has the Asgard is just a smoother vs competition very high value for the price single ended amp.

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Ok, I’m a somewhat competitive fps gamer, not a pro or a streamer or anything, but I like any advantage I can get. Would the asgard make positional cues, little details, more apparent?

On the flip side, I’m still in the return window for the dt990. So I could return that for $215, not buy the asgard for $200, and buy the dt1990 from thomann for $435, it being 250 ohms and the liquid spark able to drive it much fuller I assume. But I’ve read the dt1990 has a tighter clamp and is heavier, and I’m loving this 990, its about perfect comfort wise for me. I have no gripes with its sound either, my first post was just wondering if a stronger amp would make it sound even better.

I know there’s no exact right answer in this hobby, but if anyone has any other thoughts let me know.

Hell with it, buying the asgard3, future proofs for other headphones…down the rabbit hole.


You shouldn’t regret it. I have an A3 coming to kick a Magni 3 into some other purpose.