🔶 Beyerdynamic DT990 600Ω

not sure on that one. noticed you put the S lol. Too new and I haven’t sat down with it.

there are some mesorements online… but i dont understand nothing about those charts…

Yeah you got me there. I would ask around on that… I think its just an upgraded d10. Not sure if e30 is still better in this case anymore.

I think the d10S has upgraded internals buy not 100% sure. Also, from asthetics, i prefer the E30 and i just ordered the silver one. As for amp i’m gonna try to import the líquid Spark… lets see if i can get my hands on one unit…

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@Falenkor @RiceGuru think topping L30 just got out, already on Amazon… any guess on how it stands against liquid spark and jds atom? Can it drive dt990 600ohm?

Can’t really base any opinion on something that I haven’t sat down with. Claims its stronger than atom if that is truly the case than yes of course it can power the 600 ohm 990s and 880s. Though I will be keeping a relatively close eye on reviews/opinions on it.

For the price most likely yes IF I base it off the a90 output but assume closer to balanced performance then yeah it can, but I can’t say anything either since I haven’t actually heard it so idk lol

Not sure unless I’ve heard it. If it’s like any of toppings other amps it would be going for a more linear more reference sound closer to the atom than the liquid spark which sacrifices measurements and numbers for a warmer sound. Knowing topping as well looking at the specs sheet it should be able to power the 600 ohm 990 if 2x 280 mW @300 ohms is as straight forward as it seem.

I know only when the first units go to reviewers we will be able to see how it performs.
I was able to order a liquid spark but due to stock isues it only arrive by the end of augost and if the toopping l30 was a good replacement and pair with the dt990 600ohm i might change (if possible) my order and get the L30 instes of LS.

Personally I actually preferred the liquid spark to the a90 in some ways with an 880 600 if that means anything but idk

Ok guys, i gave up on the líquid Spark :sob:
The delivery date was aimed by the end of september. This due to break of stock (covid).
So, i took a chance and ordered the L30+E30 stack that should arrive in 2 weeks :crossed_fingers:.
I hope i made the right moove and i hope this stack pairs well with the dt990 600ohm. Lets see

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the e30’s warmth should help compensate for whatever the l30 happens to lack

the e30 is warm? Hell I sure don’t notice it… maybe I just haven’t sat down with enough dacs… just sounds neutral and clean to me. If it’s warm thats good to know and would explain why it pairs exceptionally well alongside the spark.

Well, it’s not required to have a spark really anything clean or neutral works good too its that the spark helps roll off that treble so it’s not so sibilant. Though if your like me and don’t have really any particular sensitivity to it you should be just fine. L30 is what appears to be ridiculous in power and E30 is a absolutely incredible Dac. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Still waiting to be shiped from seller… At this point i don´t know when i will get my hands on L30.
I can´t tell you if i´m that sensitive to silbling or not because DT990 600ohm is my first hifi headphones and L30+E30 will be my first amp+dac… before the DT990 i was using shp9500 straight from pc.
For now the DT990 is pluged to MB and after 1 month the headphone feels and sounds good and promissing and no isues with “Ss” (for now) but i also know that things will change with amp+dac conected so i´m expecting more clarity and presence. Because for now, conected to MB with sound that low, DT900 600ohm feels a regular good headphone.
@Falenkor you can be asure i will post my feels about the L30+E30 stack but i will only compare it to MB performance because thats the only hardware i have an ever owned. The L30+E30+DT990 600ohm is my first (expensive $$$) adventure on hifi audio and gaming audio.

Shipping taking forever per the usual. Still waiting on several items myself. I am sure you will enjoy the setup though. Should be just fine.

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Personally think so, it’s slightly warm and slightly smoother, still pretty clean though

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smooth and clean I definitely agree too. Well alright then. Yeah I will chock that to my less experience with a lot of dacs in that regard then. or maybe I just can’t really hear it

I have a dt 990 600 and a liquid spark. Does the liquid spark fully power the 990 600 ohms?

Would the Asgard 3 power them better and make them sound better at all?

I’m already really happy with the way the 990 and liquid spark combo sounds. I love it. Just kinda a newbie at this stuff and wondering if there would be a performance gain with a stronger amp like the Asgard 3.


The A3 makes a good match with the dt990 600ohm. Sound-wise, If I remember correctly the A3 will have a wider soundstage, more detail, and less warmth than the LS. It is definitely an upgrade. If you plan to get the A3 use it exclusively for a week. At first, It could sound bright, clearer or a little shouty compared to the LS.

Which DAC do you have?

powers it fine, a3 is just an upgrade.