Beyerdynamic dt990 pro amp and dac stack

Hell0 everyone i own a pair of beyerdynamic dt990 pro 250 ohms version and i have been enjoying them for almost a year now when i baught them i also purchased the creative Soundblasterx g6 external sound card which powers them well but now i want to sell it. I am looking for any amp and dac stack that can pair well with thses for lets say a $300-500 budget.

To me for this headphone a liquid spark stack is perfect not too expensive and does what it needs to bring the 990 to life. What are you hoping to accomplisgbwith the dac amp upgrade? And what other headphones do you have in the timeline to want to power? Cause $300-$500 combo for a 990 is honestly far too much

Liquid Spark stack is good rec.
How about?:

Schiit Modi 3+
Schiit Vali 2+
Schiit Modius/Asgard 3

Only a pair of sony bluetooth headphones. The 990’s are my first pair of so called good headphones. Im looking to get a nice warm sound.

Or how about something from smsl. or topping

the liquid spark is probably the best pairing your gonna get for sub $300 for this but if you want a better amp the asgard modius stack is a good combo

unfortunately they don’t really make anything warm sounding… excepth the smsl m100 which is a surprisingly warm $100 dacotherwise they tend to cater to the ASR crowd and make super linear sounding gear

like I said before if your not planning to upgrade your headphones and plan to stick to the 990 your better off with a liquid spark stack. if you have that much cash to spend a better headphone is always the better route

Can you provide some images of the liquid spark stack. You see i listen to music of the style of the doors and the carpenters.

Ok what would you recommend for the type of music i just mentioned.

here is a pic of my stack.

for a warm sound
HD 650 is the tried and true maybe a r70x, but a 880 600 ohm, asgard 3 , modi 3+ combo would be within budget to egt you a pretty nice neutral slightly warm sound

how does the liquid spark stack compare to the creative labs soundblaster x g6. the g6 can do 32bit at 384hz. thats what i use with my 990s. i think i’ll stick to my 990s for now until they die on me. thank you for your suggestions.

the liquid spark is a warmer sounding more powerful setup than the g6 I also dont reccomend setting your dac beyond what your music is at in terms of bit and frequency

So for example if i have an album that is in wav 24bit 192khz i shouldn’t go beyond that?

basically no reason to go beyond what the highest bitrate/ frequency audio file you have

ah ok. i just looked on offerup a guy is selling a pair of senheiser hd660s for 320

Question for you if i just want to use my Soundblasterx g6 as a dac with a different amp lets say the sp200 to power my 990s will it work?

it will work but the sp200 is a rather bright sounding amplifier the combo of bright headphone plus bright amplifier doesn’t sound like a great idea to me. theoretically any amp should work with the 990 provided having enough power. but its a matter of synergy

What would you recommend besides the liquid spark amp. In the $200 range can’t go higher. Also for the genre of pop rock the main artist i listen to are the carpenters.

asgard 3 would be my reccomendation