Beyerdynamic Refresh - DT 900 Pro X and DT 700 Pro X

Doesn’t seem to be much info about these refresh/new cans. All I’ve been able to glean is that they’re both using 48 ohm drivers with a detachable mini-xlr, new headband, ?new pads? and retail for $329. The Amazon pages seem to have been cleaned of info:
DT 900 Pro X
DT 700 Pro X

The price bump seems a bit high but I am curious what changes Beyer has made to justify it.
What do y’all think?


they look like 1990s and 1770s. detachable cable and all. i’d lose my shit if you could get a 600ohm t1.2 driver lol.


Nooooo not the low impedance drivers, I hope they aren’t going the direction of the t1.3, but they look nice, interesting pad changes, and detach cable is a win, and no real way of knowing without hearing anyways. But I would bet it’s going the way of the 1.3

Edit: also looks less serviceable than the 770 and 990. And what’s with the neglect to the 880, they skip the 1880 and now the 800 pro x, come on beyer


Hopefully it isn’t a completely flop like the 3rd gen T1.

It is much cheaper though, so if it’s close to the 1.3 in sq that would be pretty good. If the 1.3 was like 400-500 bucks I wouldn’t complain, so a bit below that performance at 300 would be reasonable. Might make it a more viable option for people being less amp picky than the older dt which would be interesting

Honestly just looks like they are more interested in catering to the common consumer than the audio enthusiast

It is more of a tuning problem for me. I wouldn’t want a T1 3rd gen tuning, even in a 150 dollar headphone.

I personally wasn’t a fan of the 1.3 tuning but also didn’t absolutely hate it or anything, was fine enough, just sounded like a bit more of a warmer consumer v (somewhat harman attempt? although the tygr did that better), but it was too far behind the 1.2 when it came to technical ability to where the tuning did it no favors (at it’s price point)

The pads look good, the rest, not a fan.

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The pads definitely look like the highlight.

FFS please no… I love the idea behind this but… let me have my 600 ohm driver still.

I will wager those pads won’t be as good as the dekonis lol. Detach cable… they should have done that a very long time ago, so about time on that.

this currently is my biggest issue, the headband looks less padded and theres no screws so it doesn’t look like we can fix it, I see the filters inside so hopefully we can still service the pads but I don’t see a way to mess with the yokes or anything its like an all in one unit similar to the T1 which is annoying.

My personal opinion? The aesthetic is dreadfully bland and pathetic compared to the ones we have now, lack of serviceability, pads while are a nice change of pace have quite a bit to hold up to when it comes to dekoni which appear extremely similar, the filter tells me the trebles been dialed back by a very large margin, still no curved drivers? come on beyer, lastly so help me… if this signature is like the 3rd gen where they completely flipped it around to an extremely warm signature headphone I may be quite upset.

If possible id take off that headband immediately and swap it to one of the old ones thats easier to work with, hopefully they will give us different looking aesthetics, 48 ohms just sounds awful so I hope they give us the option to step that up, detachable mini xlr sounds nice… but i wonder is that a 3 pin like the 1990 or 4 pin like the drop 177x go? $329 is pretty damn steep when you can find these at like 250 ohm in mint condition for like $100 hell I bought a 770 for $70 last week for a friend in whats like brand new conditioning just the pads were worn down.

also, you would think considering how popular the 880 is in all respects they would do something with that headphone as well… I am pretty disappointed in that as I love the 880 but do think it could use some changes

When these do show up on the market, best be sure I will be snagging the 990 and sitting with it

I am so excited! even if they turn out to be a disappointment LOL

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i’m not gonna lie i kinda am too lol. i feel like even with a removal of the foam they put up against the holes in the grill they’re gonna be at least decent. i’m hopeful.

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release date circulating for these is october 7th. $329 is a bit disturbing considering you can snag 1990 and T1 for $400… I will have high hopes for these. Will be placing an order for them as soon as they are available. Supposedly these no longer use the TESLA drivers we know as well… they come with Stella drivers.

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Let me know when they are available! Im planning to buy both. How about you?

I’m betting on 3 pin. However, as long as they stick with the molex connectors as were used on the 1770 and 1990 modding them to 4pin will be simple and someone will just make a plug and play kit eventually.

It will be interesting to see how open those 900x are considering how deceptive the 1990s are with their porting.

My goodness, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed lol. You could always just… not buy them or wait for reviews.

Conversely, if they warmed the signature and quelled the treble I’m completely in as its the only thing I couldn’t do on the 770.


Nah @Falenkor is always like that lol

I feel the exact same way as him. I love beyers the way they are and if they ruin them with this update I’m pissed too. 770s and 990s are just fine how they are and they serve pretty specific purposes really well and even slight deviation from where they are is going to make them just another headphone instead of something fantastic for the price like they are now.


Yeah I mean, I get it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Not everything needs an “update” that doesn’t actually fix or address anything. Not sure about the 990 but the 770 have been pretty much the same since… what, the 80’s?

They’re a fantastic, affordable studio headphone - I just can’t do the treble spike (I’ve heard the 990 is even worse) and I always wished they had a detachable cable.

I might check out the 770 as well but to be quite honest I have never been the biggest of fan when it comes to the closed backs… I may try both regardless though.

itd be nice if it was 4 pin regardless of the low ohm so people can still use balanced out of the box otherwise thats some serious missed opportunity

I tend to be rather harsh and critical when I want to be, that plus still recovering from damn covid so being a little on edge is definitely a thing. Call it being passionate about the hobby

If they are going to go warming up a 990 its just going to make it too bassy imo… if they wanted to “fix” a 990 they would need to dip the V signature and bring up the mids making it a bit more of a harman curve headphone the Aeons or something.

This ^

To be quite fair, I did wish there was an alternative to them without murder treble but at the same time, if you sat with the 3rd gen T1 like I did you’d understand my hesitation. They went from an extremely pleasant rounded out bright sound to out of nowhere polar opposite with so much warmth is was kind of hard to enjoy it… I eventually sold my 3rd gen. It just has to be done right is all.