Beyerdynamic T1.2 vs DT1990 (FPS/BR gaming)

I’ve seen a lot of talk of these two headphones for competitive gaming and also been recommended the T1.2 on several occasions.
However, I’m also curious about the DT1990.
I’ve recently found someone willing to sell the T1.2 for probably less than I can get the DT1990 currently however I’m a bit unsure which I should be focusing on if I were to get any.

I’m in a bit of a battle with myself and asking if I even need them!!!

I would say my current headphone offerings are more on the neutral/bright side (K702, DT990 HD560S)
Does anyone have or have owned both and would like to add some feedback for FPS gaming?

the t1.2 is a step up in every way and not quite as harsh in the highs. the t1.2 soundstage is massively bigger than the 1990 (which is kinda on the smaller side for an open back) which makes distance placement a lot easier.

Hi Pokrog, Thanks! Do you own both the headphones?
I’ve read a lot of people really saying they are great for gaming but I’ve never had a chance to try either of them. Obviously the T1.2 being obsolete they would be even harder to try.
I’m really tempted to order them as they are in mint condition.

I don’t own the 1990s anymore but did own them at the same time as the t1.2s and I still own the t1.2s if that means anything. The t1.2s are quite a bit more power hungry so definitely don’t go trying to power them off your phone lol.

Also you’ll never have a problem reselling the t1.2 at whatever you paid most likely. They hold their value pretty well.

I’ve read a number of people stating the same thing so must mean something surely!!
The person has had them up for sale on a small website for a about 20 days and I just noticed the thread. He decided to knock £100 off the price for this weekend to get them gone so cheaper than a used set of DT1990. They have been used for 100 hours.

Edit: They would be run from an Asgard 3 but using a G6 as my DAC for now.

Ive had the DT1990 (and my wife the DT770) for about a year now, and they are great for the purposes that I bought them for – audio production/mixing and gaming!

I use them with a Focusrite 8i6 gen3 audio interface with a Mackie HM-4 headphone amp in-line, and I use dSoniq Realphones software on this PC to EQ/process system audio in a way that 1) makes the DT1990 less sibilant 2) boosts bass a bit.

I play Overwatch often, Ive done some PUBG, BFV, and a few others such as God of War, Forza Horizon 5, Assassin’s Creed(Valhalla, Odyssey, Origins) etc. They are EXCELLENT for gaming and positional audio inside those environments, and they bring game immersion up noticeably.

Ill note: dSoniq Realphones has a custom profile for most major headphones, and they have engineered them to benefit each headphone make/model, depending on known flaws of those phones. This software MASSIVELY benefits the DT1990s in the high freq range, as far as cooling it a little and expanding the sound stage. (Realphones can simulate near, mid, far field). Of course this means another purchase on top of the DT1990, but I can’t underscore this any harder – Realphones is pretty awesome.

Edit: apologies – I’m unable to compare the DT1990 to the T1.2 in this regard. The other headphones I’ve used were Audio Technica m50x, and before that the old (fun) Sony MDR-770. I really do love them for audio production and gaming, though! : )

I had heard good things about both to be fair and it was starting to bug me on which to choose. I’ve gone for the T1 Gen2 as they are pretty scarce around here. Its the first pair I’ve seen go for that price.
If they don’t suit me, I should manage to sell them on and maybe try the DT1990.

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This is honestly the first time I’ve seen the Beyerdynamic T1.2. No idea how I missed that when buying the DT1990, as I was all over Beyer’s product pages on their site, reviewing all their products before buying. I might have gone with them instead of the 1990. It sounds like they may be even less fatiguing than the 1990 without an EQ.

the way the speakers are placed and overall signature causes the signature to present a less bright in your face treble… as the signature overall is more relaxed and rounded off… 1990 does have the more analytical approach and a heavier slam to its bass. At the same time the soundstage is quite different between the two as T1 is much larger(blatantly so when you A/B test them actually).

I am… actually shocked I didn’t get pinged or messaged on this one lmfao. Pretty known I own both of these as I post pictures of them even.

DT 1990: Analytical, Very sharp imaging, heavy peak in the treble can cause discomfort especially in vocals and the S sounds(this goes for gunshots down halls among other things… varies by person), Planar-like bass slam, neutral mids, heavy amounts of detail(over-detailed by a long shot), decided to tear apart bad soundtracks and pick out flaws in studios, separation is fantastic, heavy Dampening due to filters placed inside the headphone and over the driver, one of the larger soundstages of beyerdynamic, 250 ohms isn’t so scale heavy you can pretty much reach the peaks of the headphones potential around say an RNHP amp connection which does extremely well for this headphone, doesn’t respond as well to tubes but will work, comes with two pads A pads make it like DT 880 B pads make it like DT 990

A pads in purple B pads in blue ^ DT 1990 graph

T1 2nd generation: Relaxed, Same sharp imaging, Heavy peak but rounded off, curved drivers causes a change in presentation and relaxes the treble a bit so its not so piercing, Very laid back signature, Very large soundstage the biggest beyerdynamic offers by quite the margin, Rounded bass that is slightly increased by the neutral line… this increase goes along the mids in a similar fashion to the frequency respond to an HD800S, like a miniature HD800S but doesn’t cost 1k+, 600 ohms demands power and heavily relies on stronger equipment to sound at its best, extreme amounts of scaling… may peak around $500-$600 equipment(things such as the singxer or liquid platinum) however still responds to even higher equipment. Pad swaps alter the signature dramatically, does very well with tube amps but may become to wet or boomy depending on the tubes

T1 2nd gen in green vs the HD800 for comparison to show the similarities

Considering its discontinued? very unlikely he will have problems selling

Both will run off that… but I HIGHLY encourage an upgrade later if swinging a T1 2nd gen… At the very least upgrade the dac to the modius to go with the asgard. If you want to really punch it up a notch swing a liquid platinum + bifrost 2… makes it very warm and smooth to ease up the treble further… balances it out beautifully

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Well, I did consider pinging you a message but don’t tend to like pinging people messages out of the blue plus always good to hear of other peoples views too.

I had read a couple of posts around the internet where they have been compared to the HD800 at a fraction of the cost.
From your previous comments on my posts and talking about them, I felt I had to own them at some point, Seeing this advert and for a good condition pair, I knew I should get them!

I’ve already been eyeing up the Modius to pair with the Asgard 3 so will likely get that at some point soon.
I’m looking forward to trying them!

I personally prefer them over HD800… while I like the HD800 I just dont feel they are worth that price tag. Pads are too thin imo, not enough versatility or pad swaps, its a bit pickier than T1 on the connections, and the soundstage is just… to be blunt… completely artificial and over done if that makes sense… I just find the stage far too large for many cases. Despite the HD800S being touted as “the best for a gamer blah blah blah” yeah, I would argue… for the money? no… T1 2nd gen takes that despite the discontinuation.

by all means, give them a shot… would be interesting to hear your thoughts on them. My literal Go-To for many uses personally. If I ever want less treble I just swap to like a Suede or a perforated leather…

Sounds like a good purchase I’ve made then! I’ll be sure to update the thread once I receive them and give them a good going over and obviously a good testing with some music and my favourite games.

I may get some additional pads for them down the line to try out too.

Word of advice for gaming on the DT1990s, if anyone winds up trying them out for gaming – start with your volume lower than you might want, and then fire your weapons/make as much noise as you can in your game to verify.

1990s can be surprisingly loud, and I would say painful, if you get caught by surprise. As many gamers who are also into hifi audio will know, games can be surprisingly noisy, distorted, and even badly mixed + high dynamic range, so it can be an ear shattering experience. Not sure if the T1.2 will also provide this experience.

Its a very valid point. I think I had similar with my K702/DT990. I turned it up a little too much when I got the Asgard 3 but the gunfire was a bit excessive. Possibly due to the treble. Lesson learned there!

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On a side note, What is everyone using for a mic? I’ve been using a Vmoda on my DT990 and K702 but obviously that won’t work now with the T1.2, Pity as I liked that setup.

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I’ve got both a super cheap generic USB mic($10, “corn” brand hahaha) as well as 2 regular mics connected through my audio interface. The 2 big mics are a Shure beta57 and an mxl 990.

I mix it up – sometimes I just use the USB mic, or when I really want to make sure my voice sounds good, I use the big mic. Some games don’t see the big mics because of janky windows audio + focusrite drivers, but most do.

Ah OK, I think I may go down the boom or desk top mic route or think of a solution for the T1.2

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Think reading this thread (and forum) will be costly for me - intrigued by the T1.2 now so will be searching out a set to complement my Tygr R and Audio Technica R70x. Seems it’s hard to find used ones in the UK though so might take some time - I’m sure the wait will be worth judging by the positive comments on here though :slight_smile:

Ah hello again! We keep bumping into each other on different forums! I’ll be sure to update my thoughts on them once I get home this week. Looking forward to giving them a whirl anyway.

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