🔶 Beyerdynamic T1 Gen2

This is the official thread for the Beyerdynamic T1.2. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Over Ear
  • Amp needed
  • Open Back

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I love my T1 gen. 1. I recently modified them with 3.5mm TRS jacks for my new cable made by @skedra!


like the T1 V2 over my DT 1990s(with analytical pads) in nearly any way - right now they are at Amazon Germany for only 759 Euro! LINK

  • balanced
  • better controlled highs
  • bit more soundstage

Thought about selling my 1990s but love the looks. Can´t give them away.

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I’ve really considered these. Especially in the Black limited addition. They’re only $695 on Amazon (US). I love my Audezes, but something about a well made German headphone. Maybe these and a great closed back. :thinking:


Really considering these.

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Any thoughts between the beyerdynamic t1 and focal elex?


Are the T1’s more “fun” than the dt1990?

Haven’t listened to either one, but I have heard the DT 1770. Those were a bit too bright, with a forward sound. Other than that, I did enjoy them.

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Have anyone use the Astell & Kern T1p? they drop is active

Not super sure, but I think the a&k t1p has Beyer t5 drivers in a t1 body, and a slightly different tuning from what I’ve heard. The t5 is warmer and more relaxed than the t1, so it would sound more like a t5 than a t1 if that helps


yes they are, they have wider soundstage and the base is punchier

Can someone with more headphone experience tell me if there is a headphone with the holographic 3D sound and depth the t1.2nd had. I have used mostly midfi for a while and I used to have the t1.2nd all black edition. I didn’t like it at first with my liquid spark I found it to warm so I sold it. I also had the dt1990 at that time. After a few months I am missing my t1.2nd. The sound presentation is unique. And now that I have the thx 789 I think I will like them more, taking away some warm and adding more separation and airiness.

I remember I like the dt880 600ohm with my LS than the t1.2nd. I don’t like the dt880 with my thx789.

I had used dt880 600ohm, dt1990, amiron home, dt990 (250 and 600ohm), Sundara, Ananda, AKG k702 and K712 and some others.

I think with the thx789 will make them shine for my personal preference. Right know I am using my dt990 pro 250 ( i like the bass, the highs are sibilant and sharp but strangely they don’t bother me with the thx)with the thx789 and I find them good enough to call it a day. But I am curious of how will the t1.2nd sound with the thx789.

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The HD 800S is pretty much regarded as the soundstage king, and I think it has less bass than the T1 v2 I believe. That’s probably something worth looking into.

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Thank you but out of my price range. Also I am not looking for huge soundstage. The akg k712 have wide soundstage but I don’t like the presentation with the thx 789. It sounds like a wall of sound without depth.

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I see. Perhaps @M0N will chime in. Mon knows all! :laughing:

What price range are you looking in?

I am not really looking for another headphone. I want to know if the sound depth or 3D sound is available on other headphones. In the same or different price range. Like for example the elex, the new Dan x drop, the m1570. I will buy the t1.2nd silver in the near future.
Just calling from my memory no other headphone had this depth the t1.2nd with angle drivers had. The dt1990 had some depth but it was pushing everything forward lol. The ananda was good also but it lacks width, it had height and sound huge but the presentation was somewhat intimate and no so deep. i really like how the bass was presented on the t1.2nd I write in another forum but it sound like a Rounded exploding ballon it was amazing. The dt990 and dt880 bass is close to the t1.2nd but lacks depth.

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You actually might really enjoy the verite because it’s got a less warm signature than other zmf, and with good detail and separation, and with the angled pads, it has a very 3d and holographic presentation with great soundstage. I would say that would be a nice upgrade to the t1 imo.

Regarding the elex, it has great presentation and is something I would say is worthwhile for sure. It’s neutral but has a slight w shape. It has great soundstage depth and a very nice representative. It is somewhat intimate at times but also can go very wide so a large range of what it can do

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Thank you M0N as always.

And of course, if you want something very close to the t1, pick up a t1 lol